Top 10 Reasons to Workout in the Morning

There are many people out there that feel it doesn’t matter what time you exercise as long as you do it.

Some people claim that it is better to workout in the morning and others claim the opposite. No matter what there will always be a debate but there are some clear benefits to getting your training done in the morning.

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1. Consistency

Number one on the top 10 reasons you should get your workout done in the morning is that it will build consistency. It may depend on people’s schedules but it is very easy to just say you’ll get some activity in later in the day after school, work, or errands. This is fine and at least the intent is there however your workout then becomes the last thing your planning on doing for the day and it’s very easy to skip it if you don’t feel up to it. Avoid this issue by getting it done it the morning and allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day.


2. No Wait!

Depending on where or what you do for your training or exercise you may end up finishing quicker without any wait. If you workout at a gym, you will be able to enjoy an emptier gym. There will only be a handful of people allowing you to get right to what you need to do.


3. Metabolism

Working out improves your metabolism because your body will need more energy to make up for whatever was lost during exercise. Working out in the morning will still do the same thing however you are getting it started as early as you can wake up. Throughout the whole day your increased metabolism will be burning more calories than it would be if you had to workout later in the evening. People with office jobs and the like should understand how important this might be.


4. Energy!

There’s a reason why the military trains in the morning hours and that’s because it improves your overall energy levels. It is a better use of your morning time as well. If you have been feeling sluggish or somewhat fatigued lately, give a morning workout a try and see how you feel. The released endorphins and hormones will last all day and make you feel energized.


5. Stress Relief

Maybe you had a bad day and you aren’t able to get a workout in the evening. A workout in the morning will help clear your mind of whatever happened the day before and get you ready for the day. It may not be the same for everyone but generally exercise can help reduce stress and doing so in the morning with all of the benefits it has to offer will only further work for you.


6. Eating right

Having consistent workouts in the AM will also help you regulate your eating habits. If your meal times were very random, you may find yourself eating more consistent because of that morning workout.


7. Awareness

Many people feel more alert and ready to take on anything after a good workout. Now apply that to after working out in the morning. You will be able to take on the whole day stress free and ready to take on what needs to be taken care of.


8. Discipline

If you aren’t a morning person or don’t regularly workout in the morning then it will be hard to adapt to it. Once you get going it will develop good discipline and willpower that will influence other areas of your life.


9. Sleep

Working out in the morning will help your sleep patterns as long as you don’t have to work some crazy night shift. Working out in the morning will leave you energized for the day but tired and ready for sleep when the time comes. Since working out in the morning your body will know that you have another morning training session and will help you sleep at the appropriate hour.


10. Diet

Working out in the morning can be tough because you haven’t had anything to eat since the day before. It is important to have something light to eat before a morning workout so that you don’t shock your body into burning muscle for the energy required in the morning. During the day you’ll need to make sure you are eating right and won’t want to waste the hard work you put in waking up and working out in the morning.


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