10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Martial Arts Summer Camp

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Your Child Will Have a Blast In Our Martial Arts Summercamp. It will be their best summer ever!

Thinking about where to put your child for the Summer? What benefits will your child gain away from home this summer? Parents and camp leaders weigh in on why they know why it’s worth the money.

Summer Camps are fun, no doubt. But why are they necessary? Is there more to a summer camp than glorified a glorified daycare, silly games and funny songs? Way more. In a world immersed in electronics, social media, and video games your child is not receiving the proper exposure they need to become successful adults. They aren’t active, they aren’t learning social skills and they will just end up spending another summer on the couch. What’s a parent to do?

Send your child to a Martial Arts Summer Camp! It is just that easy. One local Parent asked some of our Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Staff Members who run our martial arts summer camps, and parents for 10 reasons why every child should go to a martial arts summer camp.

10 Reasons Why Your Needs A Martial Arts Summer Camp

  1. Exposure to diversity

Summer Camps connect kids to other children they would not normally meet, says Eric Rios, a parent of our summer camp last year. “I feel that nowadays many kids don’t get the chance to meet new people in real life. They are always on social media like facebook and as parents we need to introduce them to “real” social interaction early on. I don’t want my kid to not know how to interact with people.” Rio says.

At summer camp, kids learn that the world is a huge place with lots of people, who will do things differently than they’re accustomed to. That includes other kids from all over the city and beyond – and the camp’s coaches and leaders, who teach the “martial arts code” and serve as positive role models, leave a lasting impression. They’re not seen as strict “police men” but as older, “role models” who care about them.

  1. Increased Self Esteem

Since it’s inception, the martial arts instill confidence and self esteem. Nothing else can be further from the truth when your child is at a martial arts summer summer camp/ They are exposed to this all day! They don’t have mom and dad to help them approach people and make decisions. They have to put themselves out there, says Javier Garcia our Camp Coordinator. “Our Summer Camp teaches the kids confidence to make decisions and friendships all day.”

Learning how to throw a karate kick, or punch also makes a child realize how capable he or she is to learn anything they want. According to the American Camp Association, over 90% of kids who attend summer camp say they feel more confident in taking on new challenges.

  1. Self Defense

“Martial Arts Summer Camps teach kids how and when to defend themselves,” says Lisa Sanchez, former parent of last year’s summer camp“ Self Defense is a need for kids that just doesn’t get met anywhere else. It’s not so much so that your kid will beat up another kid. It’s so that they have the confidence to know that they can handle the situation if necessary” Sanchez isn’t alone in seeing how important camp has become in filling this important gap today’s kids lives.

Over 75% of kids report being bullied, causing a “nationwide epidemic” according to National Bullying association. Having your child in a martial arts camp teaches them how to deal with a bully and if necessary protect themselves.

  1. Bully Proof

anti bullying“James has been 100% Bully Proof since attending this martial arts summer camp,” says Debbie Wicowski . Kids are empowered through anti bully techniques, and with guidance our martial arts instructors they build up confidence that makes them bully proof. “Nine times out of ten a bully will back down if the potential victim takes a strong martial stance. No violence is necessary”. Just having the confidence to know that they can handle a bully can make all of the difference in the world and the best part is if your child is forced to defend themselves, you can rest easy as a parent that they will be able to handle the situation well.


  1. Leadership

“It teaches them important leadership skills,” says parent Jonathan Smith. Martial Arts stress direct choices from white belt through black belt. Your child is often leading their peers. Additionally your martial arts summer camp will allow your child to make choices in directing summer activities and projects. Your summer camp is a natural leadership training facility! As a result kids who attend a martial arts summer camp are less likely to succumb to peer pressure and more likely take leadership roles and set examples for other kids – they will go onto feel empowered in tasks into their adult lives.

  1. Lasting Memories

“This Summer Camp built great memories for the future. Making new friends. Learning a martial arts. Going to the beach and enjoying the summer with a one of a kind experience” says parent Mary Choi. Kids will have ton of memories of their good times, silly happenings and straight up fun activities. This is a time of self discovery and improvement that will stay with your child well into adulthood.

  1. New Friends

“They get to build lifelong relationships with new people they don’t meet at school or live next door to,” says parent Joan Greenhall. “

Summer Camps offer a unique opportunity for your child to branch out if their normal comfort zone and build new friendships. Often times your child will want to continue martial arts long after the summer is over and these new friendships built over the summer will build as they both continue their ultimate goal of “Black Belt”. This also teaches kidsbe more socially confident – something that many kids locked into “facebook” just aren’t getting in their everyday lives.

  1. Active Lifestyle

“Camp helps kids learn how to actually be kids again,” says Carl Martinez. “ In this technology-flooded world, summer camps cut back on distractions and learn how to be active.”, Kids can truly take advantage of all summertime has to offer and play like “kids used t0”. That means no more worrying about if your kids are at home watching TV, playing video games, texting or having to forced the to get up – they will be moving!

  1. New Interests

“Martial Arts Summer Camps are a welcoming environment for a child to explore extra activities and programs in addition to martial arts. Many camps include arts, crafts and nature excursions,” says Diane Velasco. There is so much to do at a good summer camp with so many fun activities for kids to discover new passions.

That’s why Martial Arts Summer Camps are the perfect place for your child to tap into an interest that they maybe pursuing as a lifelong interest. Did your daughter learn that martial arts kick? Perhaps she’s a budding black belt who will become a world champion!

  1. Safe in The Summer

“I have to work! Where are my kids gonna go?” says Andrew Zhu, expressing what for many parents is the main reason behind enrolling their kids in a summer camp. After all, when school get out, where will your kids go? Summer Camp isn’t just a “day care” for kids, though: It is a life long experience that will change your lives forever.

Well there you have it! I hope that this guide helps you make your decision with what to do with your child a little easier. If you live in the Los Angeles area, please check out my martial arts school for your child’s summer needs. We offer our Martial Arts Summer Camp all summer long and have a 7 days free summer camp promotion that you can take advantage of by clicking here or calling (626) 282-2012.


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