Women’s Bootcamp – 5 Foods to Avoid Pt. 2

Women's Bootcamp Alhambra

Women’s Bootcamp members – Staying away from these other 5 foods can help you with your goals!

The last time we listed 5 foods we explained the whys and what happens of those foods. This time we are going to go over another 5 foods that don’t help you with your goals. It has been mentioned before but making changes to your diet is extremely important. If you do not make changes then how will you progress further with your plans? The first step is usually always getting up to actually workout. The next step is to maintain a consistent routine and begin healthy eating. There is a saying that abs aren’t made in the gym but in the kitchen. With this part in what foods to avoid or reduce consumption of, you will get a better idea of what to really be including in your diet. Women’s Bootcamp classes can provide the consistent workouts that are necessary to reach your goals. Women’s Bootcamp classes can also provide nutrition guides that will supplement your workouts.

Women’s Bootcamp members enemies:

1. White Rice –┬áThis flavorless form of carbohydrates is processed and bleached which removes key parts of the grain. This process removes the bran and germ which are the good parts of the grain. A great alternative to white rice is brown rice. Brown rice provides more nutritional value whereas white rice provides virtually none. Swap white rice out for brown rice and eventually things like quinoa or cous cous.

Women's Bootcamp in Alhambra

2. Processed Meats – This one may be a little more difficult to completely omit from any diet. Most animals that are raised for consumption are beefed up with hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. Most meats are processed this way. It can be difficult to avoid because when people provide organic meat the price raises. If this isn’t an issue then replace processed meats with organic meat and you avoid many of the problematic things in processed meats.

Women's Bootcamp Alhambra

3. White Bread – Similar to white rice, it is processed and bleached. It doesn’t provide any nutritional value at all and contains plenty of gluten. The obvious choice here for an alternative is to swap for whole grain breads, anything that isn’t white bread. White bread provides nothing for you and serves only to screw up your progress.

Women's Bootcamp Alhambra

4. Microwave Popcorn – It’s movie night and you have friends over and need an easy snack. Microwave popcorn may be one of many choices that come to mind. Many people may not realize the material the lining of microwave popcorn is made of PFOA. This material is linked to many types of cancer and other medical complications. An alternative for microwave popcorn is to just go for the old school stove top popcorn.

Women's Bootcamp in Alhambra

5. Canned Tomatoes – This may not apply to all canned tomatoes but those that contain something. Canned tomatoes that contain BPA need to be avoided. This ingredient can lead to all sorts of medical conditions, look it up! Pay attention to what is in your canned tomatoes. Generally BPA would not be too much of an issue but due to the acidity of tomatoes in the can, it dissolves it out of the tin can lining. BPA can be more harmful to children than adults too so parents beware!

Women's Bootcamp in Alhambra

There are many other foods that wont help you achieve your goals, especially in our Women’s Bootcamp

These are just a few and will slowly help you understand what to stay away from. This will also teach you to pay attention to nutritional labels and help you decide for yourself what will help you with your goals and your needs!



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