Womens Bootcamp – 5 Foods to Avoid – Pt. 1

Women's bootcamp in Alhambra

Womens Bootcamp members should stay away from these foods

Especially if you are in our Womens Bootcamp and you are trying to meet your goals! These foods can make a huge difference if you decide to drop them. Generally these foods do nothing positive for your diet and it should be easy to drop. If you are struggling with progress then take a look at this list to see if you are currently eating anything here and make changes! Your health is very important and even if you aren’t involved with a bootcamp you could still make these changes. It could end up saving your life.

1. Margarine – This has been said to be a healthier alternative to other butters but you should take a closer look at the labels. It isn’t that low calorie. It also contains trans fats, which is what maintains its solid consistency. As a side note, not ALL margarine contains trans fats but that doesn’t mean you should go nuts with it. Moderation is best if you absolutely must have a buttery alternative.

Womens Bootcamp in Alhambra


2. Table Sugars – Also known as refined sugars can be absolutely terrible for you. We all know this, but what kind of damage can you expect from refined sugars? It can cause increase cholesterol levels, weaken the immune system, and cause liver problems. Sugar is hard to avoid because it is in practically everything at this point. What you can do to make a change is not put it in some things like your coffee, tea, or use better alternatives in your baking. Avoiding sugary treats for natural sugars that reside in fruits can be a great change in your diet.

Womens Bootcamp in Alhambra

3. Diet Soft Drinks – Most people will agree that any type of soda is bad for you and the same goes for diet sodas. Marketed as a drink that is a healthy alternative to their non-diet counterparts, diet sodas can be worse for you. Diet soda contains something called aspartame which carries all sorts of health risks. Best way to avoid the high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart attack risks is to just avoid it entirely. Drink water!

Womens Bootcamp in Alhambra

Far from being a ”Diet” drink.

4. Frozen Dinners – Not necessarily specific to the frozen dinners but generally all frozen meals are the same. They don’t carry any sort of nutritional value that will benefit you. The best they will do is provide some calories for you if you are a physically active person but it would be best to go with a home cooked meal. There are so many better alternative meals you could throw together instead of a frozen meal. Avoid it and get some nutrition in your diet!

Womens Bootcamp in Alhambra

They all advertise healthy meals but don’t be misled.

5. Artificial Sweeteners – These are sneaky because of a few reasons. You may be using them in some of your drinks and thing that your only using a small amount. The thing is, they add up big time and aren’t good for you at all. Some sweeteners are also hidden away in some of your favorite drinks. Always double check nutritional facts and make sure you aren’t taking in some things your body doesn’t need.

Womens Bootcamp in Alhambra


To reach your goals in a Womens Bootcamp program you need to make changes

These changes can occur over time and don’t necessarily need to happen overnight. We understand some people develop this need for certain things. However, the longer you wait the more time it will take to reach some goals. Keep in mind that some of these health risks are serious especially if there is a history of it in your family. Consider this as you continue on with your diet and what changes you may need to make.


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