Womens Bootcamp Classes | Why not Both?!

Womens Bootcamp Classes often have a great combination of cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

For those times that you might be doing some workouts on your own you might think which should you do. Both have their benefits, obviously, but you might not have time for both. For our womens bootcamp classes, ladies haven’t had to worry about which one is better. The classes incorporate exercises that utilize weights and cardiovascular movements. For many ladies deciding which to do, they might ask which one burns more calories. This question doesn’t take into account other thinks you might accidentally burn. It also doesn’t take into account what you could be building as well. The answer is simple: weight training burns more calories.

Womens Bootcamp Classes in Alhambra

Womens Bootcamp Classes goals often involve building muscle

The reason why weight training burns more calories than cardio alone is easy too. Weight training builds muscles and muscles require more calories. Putting on a few pounds of muscle in exchange for fat will result in you burning more calories without doing anything. This is also one of the reasons womens bootcamp classes have been so successful too. Generally if you had to choose one or the other, go with weight training. You can add in cardiovascular workouts later on. Weight training not only burns more calories but burns more fat too. When setting your goals you should be much more focused on burning more fat than calories. Cardio workouts aren’t a bad thing though and they have their uses.

Womens Bootcamp Classes ALSO help build strong endurances

Womens Bootcamp Classes in Alhambra

There is a difference between cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. A combination of both is necessary for many activities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay thai, even mixed martial arts! But there are running events that people need to train for as well. Unfortunately this doesn’t work well for the muscles when you do primarily running. In the short term, weight training and running burns the same amount of calories per amount of time. The problem with running is if there isn’t any weight training to balance it out then you begin to lose muscles from running.

The key here is balance. If you need to do running because you are a marathon runner that’s great. If you have fitness goals like weight loss or just getting in shape then a proper balance between cardiovascular activity and weight training is key.

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