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In our Selva Womens Bootcamp Program, we are looking out for you and your health while you are training with us.

One of the biggest concerns for some women may be their diet. There are some foods that are very hard to stop eating because they may have become part of your routine. You may have just been eating a food in particular all your life. Whatever the reason, it can benefit you greatly to stay away from these 10 foods if you are looking for weight loss. Over time, you may be able to go back to these foods every here and there. Chances are you don’t want to just out of habit.

Selva Womens Bootcamp

Selva Womens Bootcamp top 10 Foods to avoid for Weight Loss

1. Low-Fat Products – This is the worst thing that has been available to consumers for a very long time. Low-fat food products can be just as unhealthy as the fat products. Often when fat is taken out, it is replaced with sugar, sodium, or unhealthy preservatives. In reality, your body needs certain types of fats and there are some very healthy choices to choose from like avocados or nuts. It would be a good idea to just ditch Low-fat products all together while avoid saturated and trans fats out there.

2. Fast Breakfast foods – We know making sure getting a proper breakfast is tough because you may have to get out to work very quick or take children to school. Many of the breakfast products out there are loaded with sugar and ready to ruin your progress. Products like Pop Tarts, toaster strudels, sugary cereals, and waffles are just some of the bad breakfast foods out there. There are many great breakfast alternatives to choose from like smoothies or even oatmeal. Remember this is an important first meal of the day it is important not to mess it up!

3. Quick Foods – Also foods that are easy to make, stuff that just take a little bit of water and is ready to go. These foods are terrible and you may have been better off not eating anything. Some may think that because the packaging has vegetables in it makes it healthy. Any nutritional value those vegetables may have had is lost in the packaging and preserving process. Freshly made meals are the best way to go in any situation.

4. Canned Foods – When you purchase canned foods you are basically buying a ton of preservatives with it. There is only one tip for canned foods here is to either don’t buy any if you don’t need to store food, or buy canned foods that only contain the food and water, nothing else.

5. Processed Foods – Processed foods such as foods you might see at McDonald’s or something are terrible. The ingredients that are involved with them are just barely passable for human consumption. Otherwise foods you can purchase at the grocery stores like boxed, frozen, or packaged meals. These meals are packed with preservatives, high fat, or high sodium content. The best choice as mentioned earlier is to go with a freshly made meal!

6. Diet Soda – One of the biggest misunderstood drink out there, a diet soda is actually still pretty bad for you. Diet drinks are sold as ”diet” drinks to take advantage of those who think it is a better alternative to their sugar loaded brothers. One ingredient in diet drinks is called aspartame which can lead to all sorts of bad things. Best alternative is to just drink water! Fruit juice is a good natural choice for natural sugars if you need your daily sugar needs but moderation is key.

7. Microwave Dinners – Sought after because they are easy to make and quick, hated because they are bad for you. These microwave dinners contain all sorts of things to make it taste great but not healthy for you. Just check the label next time you are thinking about picking up a microwave dinner for a quick bite. A tip here would be to cook ahead of time and freeze those foods for a later date. Other than that, as mentioned many times, a freshly made meal is the best.

8. Granola Bars – Largely considered a better alternative to candy bars, a granola bar can actually be just as bad for you as far as sugar content is concerned. Store bought granola bars can contain a lot of excess sugars that doesn’t need to be in there. Grab and go foods can help you in your day. Try making your own granola bars at home so you can exclude all the bad stuff that is usually involved.

9. Fruit Drinks – Take a second to think about what a ”fruit drink” really is. Why are fruit drinks separate from fruit juice? That’s because they are a drink that is just made to taste good without any nutritional value. Fruit drinks are just a mixture of sugar, tons of additives, and preservatives that your body doesn’t need. If you need sugar then opt for fruit juice which contains natural sugar.

10. Nut Mixes – Nuts can be a great source of protein and certain fats but if taken in excess or improperly they can be bad for you. Natural mixes are great for you but when they start to become salted, caramelized, and roasted, they become unhealthy for you. Check out and compare the nutritional labels next time you are out.

Selva Womens Bootcamp

Next time you are out shopping for groceries make sure you remember these 10 types of foods.

They are not helping you with any of your progress and only work to stop you from losing weight. If you are serious about your weight loss then you will ditch these types of foods and get on with cleaner eating. In our Selva Womens Bootcamp Program we are looking for the better options for you. Snacking every so often will be okay later on once you’ve met many of your goals.

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