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(Our Kids Martial Arts Classes and Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes are located near East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley , and are driving distance to every one of the  Alhambra, Montebello Pasadena, San Marino, South Pasadena, West Covina, Covina, Rosemead, Pico Rivera, Monterey Park, Baldwin Park, Santa Fe Springs, Downey, Temple City, Eagle Rock, South El Monte areas and Los Angeles County areas)

Sandra Hawkins Proud Mother

I would recommend that any parent looking for a positive change in their child, come and visit Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts.” Adolescent years are the toughest when raising a child. At first I didn’t know what to do to help my son shape up his attitude. He didn’t want to do team sports and he didn’t want to join any clubs when he began to attend high school. Fortunately I discovered Selva BJJ in Alhambra. Thanks to the structure of classes and how the instructors individualized my son’s program for him to enjoy it was unbelievable. Thanks to Jiu Jitsu my son is excelling at school, is more social and is planning to compete in his first tournament soon.

My name is Jason Selva. I own and operate the Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Marital Arts Schools in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley areas and I want to congratulate you on taking the first step in changing your child’s life forever. Everybody knows that giving your child confidence is one of the keys to success. Day in and day out we hear about the endless tragedies linked to some kid being harassed by the school bully. It seems like these stories never end. Well, I’m here to tell you that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR CHILD. Once a child starts getting bullied they lack confidence and often turn to gangs or drugs for protection/escape. For years I’ve worked hard to make sure that children in our community do not become statistics, are successful in school and become productive adults!

Growing up in Los Angeles, I have personally witnessed many of my friends drop out of high school, turn to drugs, become teenage parents, and go nowhere in life all because they had nothing better to do. I believe that it is important for children to be involved in a positive after school activity such as Martial Arts so that they have a chance to become successful and realize their dreams! Too often young people are put down by their friends, teacher and sometimes other family members. They end up LACKING CONFIDENCE. Here are Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we make sure that every one of our students realizes their potential and reaches for the stars!

Statistics have proven that having your child involved in a positive after school activity like Martial Arts is important for long term success. OVER 75% OF CHILDREN HAVE BEEN BULLIED AT SCHOOL.

Do Any Of These Stories Below Sound Familiar To You?

{Story # 1} The Kid Who Is Always Bullied

Marie hated going to school. Everyday he had to deal with the school bully who loved to pick on him. He began lacking confidence, self esteem and started making excuses for not going to school.

She began lacking confidence, self esteem and started making excuses for not going to school. She was faking faking getting sick, saying he was injured. He just didn't want to go

{Story # 2} The Hyperactive/ADHD Kid

This next story is about Julian, Julian was that kid who just couldn't sit still or pay attention to anything.

Teachers labeled him as "Wild" and his Parents didn't know what to do.

Julian was as smart as they come, but was so easily distracted

If he could only figure out how to apply himself...

{Story # 3} The Kid Who Just Wouldn't Do Anything...

Ryan was that kid that you always had to ask repeatedly to complete a task. It didn't matter if it was homework or chores, Ryan never got the job done. And to make things worse all he wanted to do was sit on his computer or play video games!

{Story # 4} The "I Hate Exercise" Kid

Damian was that kid who just didn't want to exercise. He hated sports and doing anything physical.

If it involved anything even remotely related to exercise he was out!

He was gaining weight fast and was always tired. His parents didn't know what to do!

​The Solution

Even though, Ryan, James, Amy and Carlos are fictional characters – their stories are based off of very real situations.
In fact, I can’t tell you about the countless times parents called my school and told me almost these exact stories...Word for very word.

I tell them how I can help their child. Just like I’m telling you. They end up enrolling their child in my program.

​And after just a few weeks of training, this happens…

Unshakeable Confidence – Parents are amazed after they watch their children who never felt good about themselves start walking with their heads up. They begin to start making smart choices and trying and testing new opportunities. This is the first step to becoming productive members of society.

But that’s just the beginning

They also start getting...

Sharp Focus – Another thing that many of our parents start notice is after just a few short classes their children begin to focus on their tasks at hand. Whether it's homework or learning a new skill you will be amazed as your child becomes more attentive and gets things done right. The first time! Before you know it, they will be doing this at home too. They will focus on what you need them to...on their chores… on conversations with you… anything and everything put their mind to. It is learning skills like these that make kids who learn the Martial Arts are a lot more likely to succeed later on life as well. A recent study showed that children who become involved in a healthy activity like martial arts are 73% more likely to graduate from high school.

Goal Setting – In our program we teach our kids effective goal setting that make it easy for them to succeed in any aspect of life. As they begin to test for stripes and belts they learn to set their sights on what they want and learn what exactly it is they have to do to achieve it. Naturally this carries over to school or anything else they want. They learn to work for what their goals. Parents and teachers always look in amazement when they see the changes. They can’t believe their eyes when they see these children paying attention and doing better than ever.

Positive Attitude– In the Martial Arts positive attitude is essential to growth. We teach kids how to overcome obstacles with confidence. You'll simply love the way your child's new outlook on life is. When they are met with a challenge instead of questioning their ability to solve it they will instead think of ways to solve the problem. We never yell at kids, or scold them, if they don’t do this. But every kid does it because he sees the other kids in

Self Defense - Of Course training martial arts with us teach your child self defense, but what is even more important is the manner in which we teach them. We never yell at kids, barking orders. We instead teach them stern discipline but also make learning fun. On top of that they learn that a physical confrontation is a last resort and are instead taught to use words and other non violent conflict resolution. Understanding different ways to deal with potential conflicts is important as your child becomes...

Bully Proof – You will never have to worry about you child being bullied, ever. Kids who train with us don't don’t back down, but they also don't fight, unless they absolutely have to. They know how to look a bully square in the eyes with a confident stare, and stand their ground. You know what happens next? The bully gets intimidated and backs down! You see, bullies tend to pick on kids who lack confidence and self esteem. So when you child is able to stand up to them, the bull doesn't know what to do and if the situation arises where you child has to defend themselves– your child has the tools to handle the situation. They’ll be able to get away, and find an authority figure. Almost all confrontations can be talked through. But every now and then, words aren’t enough. In either situation your child will be prepared. No one will be able to harm you child, or take anything away from them.

Increased Fitness Levels– It’s not as easy these days for kids like the way we used to. They can't go outside to play and some schools have even gotten rid of physical education all together. As a result, many kids in the United States are dangerously obese and even diabetic. The good news is that training in martial arts is a fun and exciting way for kids to exercise. Increased strength, ispeed, agility, weight loss and coordination are all benefits your child will experience through our martial arts program. Your child will have increased energy, be more alert and just be an overall happier kid. Plus they'll never get bored!

"I will increase your child's confidence, self esteem, show them how to avoid peer pressure, improve their motor skills, teach them self defense, how to deal with bullies... They will develop skills that will last a lifetime." 

- Jason Selva

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But there are so many more benefits to children training martial arts.

Just listen to what some of our parents have to say...

I got results way faster than I expected!” My son, Noah had been having problems with his confidence levels for a while. It seemed like no matter what we tried there was nothing that could be done to make him feel better about himself.

From the first day the coaches were very patient with Noah and helped him feel good about himself. They explained to him that he could achieve anything he set his mind to and that all he had to do was believe in himself. Within in just a couple of weeks Noah was running around laughing with friends and standing tall and confident.

Joseph Barragan
Proud Parent

Being a single mother I need a place where my son could find strong and positive male role models” It’s hard for a single mother to handle both parent roles when raising a boy. I was struggling with my 10 year old son Christopher and it was because he didn’t have a male figure to guide him. I didn’t know where to turn to be honest, I could see a frustration and anger in my son and he wouldn’t open up to me. When I was about to lose all hope one of my co-workers suggested Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Christopher to try. I didn’t know if this was the best option for my son but my co-worker reassured me that the instruction and program will help develop my son into a young man. Two years later and Christopher is still part of the program. The instructors, head black belt and even the general manager of the facility care about these kids. They personally sit down with my son and discuss any issues, questions or concerns on and off the mat. If something happens at school, whether it’s good or bad the coaches and staff are here to congratulate or constructively criticize my son to be a better individual. I’m telling you, you do not get this any where. This is a rare quality that this school has and it has helped me raise my son into a better human-being overall. Who knows where my son could of been in the past two years, the streets doing who knows what or just a couch potato not striving for anything. Thanks to Selva BJJ my son is a honor roll student, competitor on the mat and most of all the man of the house. I am truly grateful for the guidance and assistance that Selva BJJ has given to Christopher.

Vanessa Altamirano
Proud Mother

The Bully Finally Backed Down” Today there are a lot of things happening around us and my daughter is only nine. With that being said I wanted to make sure she is able to defend herself when needed. I discovered Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial arts several months back on Google and decided to give this school a shot. At the same time my daughter was being taunted by other girls by pulling her hair and pushing. I didn’t want this to continue and I didn’t want to see my child belittle herself. So I signed her up at Selva BJJ. This was the best decision I made for my daughter! Not only can she defend herself, but she is physically fit and her confidence level has sky-rocketed. She is no longer bullied at school and I’m so proud to say that I was called into the principal’s office because she was defending another girl who was being picked on by a group of girls and didn’t even use any physical force. She has been participating in BJJ for 9 months and i’m so proud of her. Next step is Muay Thai and kick boxing, I can’t wait and I’m so proud of her and the moral she has inhabited here at Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts!

Lydia Ontiveros
Proud Mother

“He can’t wait to go to class!” I’ve always been skeptical when signing my children up for sports or activities. As a parent you have to make sure there is quality, structure, safety and you as the parent have to make sure the child is enjoying the program. Thanks to Selva’s 30 day trial my twins Isaac and Matthew were able to participate in jiu jitsu. The instructors took care of my boys and most of all made sure that they were having fun while learning. Thanks to the instructors, other kids and parents here my twins can’t wait to go to class every Tuesday and Thursday. I am planning to keep both my sons in this program and hopefully have them strive to become black belts. According to how this program is structured, I have faith that my sons will reach their goals and be able to do so much more thanks to Selva’s Brazilian jiu jitsu

Dan Lee
Proud Parent

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Coach Jason Selva,

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