Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alhambra: Importance of a Black Belt and Competitions!


If you are looking for a Jiu Jitsu program in Alhambra that also prepares you for competitions

its important that you do a little research in regards to the instructors and head instructor. A black belt instructor is not heading some gyms that have been opening up and this is a huge deal because you won’t be receiving the best training you could receive at that location. The average time it takes an individual in Jiu Jitsu to get to black belt rank is 10 years. If the instructor hasn’t taken the time and the journey to achieve the same experience that a black belt holds you may be at the wrong gym.

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At certain Jiu Jitsu competitions only a black belt with a valid black belt card is allowed to be in the coaching area.Having a great coach is also key to a competition because coaches help immensely with regards to what you might not be able to see and attempt certain technique. Sometimes the determining factor in a competition is the quality of the coach on the sideline assisting the student. As an example, a purple belt coach (if he was even allowed to coach) would not have the same teaching experience and coaching experience as a black belt to successfully coach his student who was taught and coached by a black belt.

The program that our gym offers in Alhambra caters to those who wish to compete.

This means we have a curriculum that is effective for those attending classes for more casual reasons and those who want to compete. The head instructor is a black belt and we also have other black belt instructors that teach at different times! Competition team also has extra conditioning to give them that extra push to be their best for competitions. When you look for a Jiu Jitsu gym in Alhambra make sure to check on the head instructors and check with that gym’s competition history and plans!


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