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If your child is spending much of his time in the day (after school) playing games and watching television, maybe it is time for you to get them into physical activity.

Activity outside of school will keep your child healthy and help them do well in the classroom. There are many programs out there for your child but which one do you pick? It depends on you and your child because he or she will be the one participating in it. Here are a few sports that you can consider for your child.


The first one on this list today is hockey.

This sport can be a scary idea at first but consider the benefits of the activity. There is a lot of cardio exercise going on during hockey and this is a good thing for your child. There will also be strategy that needs to be created and used so there is something that they can be using their head for. In the end you can always get your child some extra padding too!


One of the more awesome choices out there that kids do not get interested in too much these days is wrestling. If you have kids that already mess around in the house and wrestle there, this might be an even better option for them. Wrestling works for children of all sizes because of the different weight divisions. This is also a fantastic way to build confidence for your child.

kids wrestling

The next activity is rock-climbing. This activity is total upper body and also requires thinking. A child needs to think ahead a few rocks to know how to successfully climb to the top! This activity will teach your child good problem solving skills in order to succeed at it. It is a fun activity to try indoor at first and then progress to outdoor rock-climbing.

kids rock climbing

The last recommendation is water polo. This sport is intense because in one 30 minute game a child might have swam up to 1.5 miles. It also requires communication and teamwork, which can reflect outside of the sport in their own lives.

Kids water polo

No matter which activity or sport you and your child decide on, the important thing is that the child gets active.

As long as he is not sitting around all day playing games or watching television. This is why its important that the child is comfortable with whatever program you are considering and that he or she has fun doing it.

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