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An Alhambra High School, CA Alumnus Jamie reveals the truth about a teacher.

The victim is currently 28 years old and has finally worked up the courage to speak out and tell the public about the teacher who had been sexually abusing her for years. The teacher’s name is Andrea Cardosa, who until recently taught at Alhambra High School. Unfortunately by the time the former student was able to work up the courage to reveal this horrible truth she found out that the statute of limitations prevented Jamie from taking any action against Ms. Cardosa.


In a video uploaded to YouTube on January 17, 2014, Jamie explains what happened and gave Ms. Cardosa a phone call.

During the phone call it is revealed that in the time that passed Ms. Cardosa eventually became an assistant principal that has been working around other children for years. Jamie was only 12 years old at the time the abuse began and the teacher explained that she was only trying to help and regrets it every day. No apology was given, only that she regrets that she did it.


Here is the video for your viewing:

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The reason Jamie posted the video onto YouTube was because she wanted to let people know.

She wanted to let people know that a sex offender was currently working with kids in Alhambra. Doing so also helped Jamie personally. Not too long after the video went up and viral, the Alhambra Unified School District sent out a letter stating that Ms. Cardosa no longer works for the district.


It’s important that parents know about this sort of thing especially since we work with children on a daily basis at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in the same city. We encourage kids to defend themselves and if anything is troubling them to come out with it to their parents or coaches. Communication with children is huge and could have played a huge part in Jamie’s unfortunate story. It sounded like she needed more confidence in herself to avoid being brainwashed into thinking that she needed and wanted the teacher’s ‘’help.’’

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