The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Swiss Army Knife

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Knowledge Through the Belt Rankings


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there are many techniques available and the ones you learn vary from gym to gym. As one progresses through the belt rankings the individual picks up different techniques. A good way to demonstrate this is the BJJ Swiss Army Knife but there’s different ways to look at it. The first one shows gradual knowledge through the belts.


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An edited version of the BJJ Swiss Army Knife shows that there is lots of knowledge dumped on you from very early on and eventually you learn to rely on only a handful of techniques. The second version seems more likely due to the fact that there are tons of techniques out there and in order to not become stuck or bored teachers don’t stick to a single technique for months.


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Its up to you to whichever version of the BJJ Swiss army knife is correct.

However both demonstrate how knowledge can be accumulated over time. Keep in mind that progressing through belts sometimes takes years. In most circumstances it can be a minimum of a year to achieve blue belt and then many more years to purple, brown, and eventually black belt. There are always several degrees or stripes in each belt rank as well. Depending on your time spent on a particular belt you may have been exposed to many more techniques as well.


Some gyms also promote a lot quicker than other gyms and while some might not agree with the quicker progression, some don’t realize that people that are promoted quickly may be doing something to have earned that. Some things that might advance a student through belts quicker might be doing many competitions and actually winning them all. Some students might be putting a ton of time into their training with a gym and the instructors feel they are ready to move up. It’s hard to say whether or not a person is ready for the next belt unless you are the instructor of the student or have seen the person compete yourself.


Some BJJ schools even promote based on whom they like or not. Others promote based on a simple test that the student has to pass. There is a lot of discussion already on the ethics of belt promotions and when you should be considered ready for the next belt but that’s why it’s important to understand your lineage in belt promotions.


If an individual is slower to promote and takes more time in each belt stage then they might reflect the first Swiss army knife. If an individual is rushed through belts and many techniques are piled on then they would most likely reflect the second Swiss army knife. There are many factors to factor in when considering which one is more accurate than the other.


Which one of these Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Swiss army knives is more accurate?

Is it the first one or the second? It may even be a combination of both of them but then it really depends on your instructor’s style in the end. If you don’t agree with the idea of this at all then everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I believe this does demonstrate the progression of what techniques we have at our disposal and eventually lowering to what we know actually works and what we are best at.

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