Childrens Martial Arts in Montebello

Childrens Martial Arts in Montebello

Childrens Martial Arts: What is it?

Childrens martial arts is martial arts designed for children. This differs from classes that adults may take in various ways. Obviously adult classes don’t need reminders about responsibility, finishing homework, or doing the dishes. These are some examples of what kids in childrens martial arts classes are reminded. The instructors of childrens martial arts classes want students to do well both on and off the mat. This may or may not include removing students from practice if their grades are too poor. The main focus however is on children being able to defend themselves. By definition, a martial art is a sport or skill designed in order to defend oneself. With the extra stuff that’s involved, we go a step further!

Childrens Martial Arts Montebello

Childrens Martial Arts teaches more than just self-defense!

Many parents are opposed to having their children join childrens martial arts classes for different reasons. One of the main ones is due to violence. There is a misconception that children involved with martial arts become much more violent. It is actually the opposite and teaches children to be calm. Handling pressure and reacting accordingly is just one of the things that is taught. Just like with super heroes, kids are told they have responsibility because they are gaining power that could injure others. They learn when to use their skills and when not to. This is especially important in schools due to a zero tolerance policy regarding violence. Even in self-defense, your child could get in trouble for defending themselves.

Children also learn responsibility in childrens martial arts classes. As mentioned previously, they need to be responsible for what they are capable of. They learn they also have responsibilities with their parents and also learn respect. If children can’t accept these things then they are removed from class until they have a better understanding. It is for this reason that troublemakers don’t make it in martial arts classes. If they are truly involved then they will learn and become a better student in order to join the classes.

One of the biggest things children develop is confidence. Without confidence, a child may suffer through many things. Poor grades, being bullied, and just generally having a negative outlook on life. This is unacceptable because any healthy mind should have a healthy level of confidence. We are able to bring children’s confidence levels up through martial arts. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. The main method is through goal setting. There are short term goals and long term goals for students. Childrens martial arts classes often have to learn a technique in a class period and that could be considered a short term goal. A long term goal for childrens martial arts classes may be earning the next belt rank. It could even be winning a competition. Instructors understand proper use of praise and reward students upon accomplishing goals. This is how we bring student’s confidence levels up!

Childrens Martial Arts in Montebello

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