Women’s ONLY Boot Camps in Montebello!

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What is women’s bootcamp?


Just as the name says; they are fitness classes for women only. The classes usually have a woman instructor but can also have a male instructor in some cases but the main thing is that there are only women taking part in the class. That aspect of these kinds of fitness classes leads to a few benefits over just having a regular gym member or even hiring a person trainer.


One of the main benefits of joining up a women’s bootcamp class is that its only for them!

This puts them in an environment where they don’t have to be totally afraid of others looking at them while they are working out other than the coach, who should be checking on their form only. Women in these classes are able to focus more and worry less. Being able to focus will then lead to reaching their goals much more quickly than if they are constantly stressing out on who might be looking at them or how they look. All the women in the class have similar goals and everyone would want to help each other to reach that goal.


A regular gym membership might be okay for some who are not afraid of other people looking at you but having instruction given to you can also serve a huge benefit. Some women could use the extra motivation or someone pushing them to go past their limits. Having someone with similar goals side by side can also serve as motivation. If a woman is tired of going to the gym and getting unwanted attention then one of these classes could be a good alternative too.

Hiring a personal trainer might seem like a good idea

but it is much more costly than signing up for a bootcamp class. A bootcamp class can be comparable to having a personal trainer because unlike other fitness classes, the bootcamp instructor will make sure to keep track of your progress through regular fitness testing and also making sure each and every one of the students in the class is taken care of and motivated.

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