MMA bantamweight champ Holly Holm on taking a break after UFC 196: “But (I want) six weeks with not having to actually think about a fight.”

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MMA Holm vs Tate

Pro boxing and MMA bantamweight champ Holly Holm revealed that she wants to take a quick break after UFC 196.

Everybody’s excited to watch Holm go against Miesha Tate this coming March 5th which will be held at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. She was supposed to go against Rousey, but the former champ had other plans, so Tate was slated to fight Holm instead. Rousey revealed that she will finally be available at the end of the year, but it looks like Holm would prefer to fight another contender instead of just waiting for Rousey.

MMA Holm vs TateHolm, who currently has a record of 10-0 MMA and 3-0 UFC, has repeatedly made it clear that she doesn’t want to wait too long in between fights. When she defeated Rousey back in November, Holly revealed that she wants to be an active champion. So, instead of waiting for Rousey for more than half a year, she got her wish and was scheduled to fight Tate four months after she won the bantamweight title. UFC President Dana White has confirmed that there will be a rematch for Holm and Rousey as soon as possible, but Rousey had other commitments, which paved way for Tate to fill in the slot and get a shot at the belt instead.

Now that Rousey has confirmed she will be back by the end of the year, Holm said she might take another fight if she wins over Tate this coming Saturday. Of course, there might be untoward incidents coming up to the fight (or during the fight itself), but if everything goes well, Holm said she is hoping she could take a quick break from fighting before preparing for her next fight.

“I don’t like to wait that long. Right now I have a fight, and I have a really busy March and April, and I’m going on a girls trip in April, which is very much needed. Honestly, I would actually really love to not schedule a fight or even think about it until after all that. I went straight from the victory tour to the on-sale tour for this fight, which is how I like it. I want to be active. But I could use maybe like six weeks,” Holm said during a recent interview with MMAjunkie.

At the age of 34, Holm has already managed to sustain her professional career with flying colors. She was a pro boxer for almost 12 years before making the move to switch to MMA about five years ago. That transition actually went well as Holm is on her 10-fight winning streak, and now with a title belt in her possession.

Although there’s no telling how long Holm would stay in the industry and how many more years her body would be able to endure the blows of the sport, Holm said waiting on the sidelines for quite a while would not only make her counterproductive, she would go nuts waiting to fight as well.

“(I won’t take time) off of working out. I still like to work out, but (I want) six weeks with not having to actually think about a fight. Then we can schedule one. I don’t really need that much time off because then I start to think, ‘Well, what’s my purpose? What’s next? Let’s go.’,”Holm added.

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