Ronda Rousey’s former manager says he ‘created a monster’ and Ronda’s ‘not a good person’

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Ronda Rousey’s former MMA manager, Darin Harvey, has recently made some comments on some issues other than Holly Holm’s surprising victory last UFC 193.

What goes around, comes around.

Harvey was with Ronda during her journey to fame. However, the two didn’t didn’t come into terms later on. It was reported that Rousey was even sued by Harvey over their disputed contract. Harvey was clearly not in good terms with Rousey, and with the recent events, it is not surprising that the former manager posted the following on Instagram:

“KARMA. No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you’re lucky, GOD will let you watch.”

Ronda RouseyA day after he posted this on social media, Harvey further explained what he felt when he saw one of the brightest stars in MMA today fall down. During an interview with USA TODAY Sports, he revealed that he watched the epic fight alone at his house in LA.

“It was kind of bittersweet. Part of me was elated and part of me was saddened. The part of me that was saddened was that once I was identified with representing the top female fighter in the world. No longer do I have that title,” he said.

Harvey took Rousey under his wing when the former bantamweight champion was just starting her career. A few years later, Rousey fired Harvey as her manager. This reportedly took place back in 2013, four years after they started working together and after her eighth professional fight as a mixed martial arts athlete.

Today, the two are facing in court to settle the issue. Harvey revealed that he is looking into more than a million dollars in legal fees and the ones he used to help Ronda with her career before he receives some return on his investment.

“And she thought it would be OK that she didn’t owe me a dime,” he said. Harvey further said that he wasn’t able to sleep well that night when he watched Ronda lose the fight. “Just so much emotion. She was like a daughter to me at the beginning. She would spend the night at my house before all of her fights,” he added.

Harvey went on telling what took place when he was still the former champ’s manager. He said that he had to hire a full-time publicist and one of the best photographers in the industry to come up with press kits. After that, Ronda was able to get favorable stories in big magazines like “Time”, “Sports Illustrated” and more. “Rowdy” became a media sensation.

Despite all the effort and time Harvey invested, it looks like the two didn’t come into terms towards the end.

“I created a monster. She believed she was as special as the press made her out to be. They give me absolutely no credit for the success of her career. She’s not a good person. You don’t forget where you came from,’’ Harvey said.

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