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When looking for MMA schools in Montebello there are many things you need to consider before possibly signing up and training there.

One of the biggest concerns recently is the question if your instructor is a Black Belt in a given martial art. Or if one of the instructors is not a black belt, is there a head instructor or two that are of the black belt level? This is important for a number of reasons and should be one of the things to considering in picking out a MMA school in Montebello.

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Having an instructor at a blackbelt level not only means the level of training that the gym has to offer is substantial but there is also other things.

If a MMA school does not have a black belt instructor there are certain things they can’t do. It’s important to have a certified black belt instructor from one of the many teams and organizations out there. If the instructor can’t prove where he received his belt then he is most likely not a legitimate instructor and this tells you a lot.

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Without a blackbelt instructor at an MMA school the instructor can’t promote students to higher ranks and they aren’t providing great training, unless a head black belt instructor is monitoring them.

The level of training at a school of, for example, a purple belt will be very low. Granted it takes some time to go from your white belt to your purple belt but that pales in comparison to the time and experience it takes you to go from your purple belt, to brown belt, and to black belt rank. A purple belt can only award stripes to white belts (if the stripe system is in effect) and a brown can only promote up to a blue belt without any degrees (stripes).  A black belt can promote up to a brown belt and usually has another head black belt a couple of degrees above him who is then able to promote further. A gym that is not affiliated with any organization at a purple belt level cannot promote anywhere.

It is important to know the background of your instructor and what belt rank he is. At Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing, there are multiple black belt ranks that monitor the instruction of more fundamental classes in order to best give their training to the gym!

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