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Muscle Toning DOESN’T Exist!

Don’t believe what you have read about muscle toning because it doesn’t exist. The idea of muscle toning just doesn’t make sense and isn’t possible due to a few things. Many people, women especially, like to believe that through muscle toning they won’t become huge bulky monsters. You can see it everywhere from women’s magazines to articles online about how to become more sexy. Men that don’t want the huge bodybuilder body also believe in muscle toning and this article will help you understand that the whole concept of muscle toning doesn’t work in the way people like to believe it.

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Muscle Toning would require some type of Alien body

Simply put from a fitness standpoint, your body can only do one of three things when it comes to working out. Your body can only get bigger, get smaller, or stay the same. There is no in between these and when you get into lifting weights you are building muscle, nothing else. This is why there is no such thing as muscle toning. What happens when you get ”toned” is you are really just building muscles and adding on mass. People have this understanding that when they are muscle toning they think of losing fat and firm muscles with the appearance of being more lean and defined. This is particularly popular among women because, as mentioned before, they don’t want to get huge like guys and that is something that is actually impossible but more on that later.

What happens when you build muscle is you are packing them with glycogen and other nutrients by rebuilding them through the tears or damage in muscle through workouts. This is what happens to EVERYONE. The only difference between everyone is different body types, sizes, and extremes. The gigantic bodybuilders obviously do weight lifting in a more extreme manner. What people really mean when they say they want to tone is they want to build muscle but not too much of it due to reasons mentioned previously. People believe in muscle toning because they’ve been sold by front page models and anything to do with abs or six packs. Lets end the idea of muscle toning with the understanding that it is simply building muscle!

Women’s Muscle Toning, Just lift weights!

Muscle Toning

Women don’t like the idea of touching too many weights on their mission to become fit. Or as many women today still call it, getting ”toned.” Ladies everywhere would make so much more progress if they faced their fears of becoming huge and lifted some weights. One of the biggest concerns of women and weights is that they will become huge masses of muscle. The most common image that might come to mind are the bodybuilding women that actually managed to become those masses of muscle. One thing you should know about those ladies is they are taking steroids in order to build that kind of muscle. For women, it is impossible to become that muscular naturally due to the fact that women don’t produce levels of testosterone that men do.

Muscle Toning

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