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Confident Kids Stand Strong

In Society many parents are struggling to teach their children the value of discipline, work ethic and overall raising their self esteem to a healthy, positive level. Thanks to the media and even peers, children are overwhelmed with negativity across the world, whether it’s pertaining to an athlete on steroids, a celebrity having to go to rehab for drug abuse, or even the war halfway around the world. All of these issues take a toll on our children and it’s up to the parent to help guide them from all this negativity. In reality, it’s a struggle for a parent because there are so many outside factors that a parent cannot control and it ultimately relies on the child and on how that child interprets, relates and learns from certain situations. So at times a parent may need assistance to instill these positive and character building morals in their child.

There are many avenues that a parent may take to give their child the confidence and determination they need to grow into a healthy individual. Extracurricular activities like team sports and clubs may be a good direction to steer. One issue to be aware of is your child’s well-being and how he or she takes in a new environment whether it’s athletic, social or academic. Something like basketball can be good for your child, but what if your child is not the all star and is not getting proper attention from their coaches and gets lost amongst the team. If this occurs, it might hinder the child’s confidence and lower the child’s self esteem. This may follow with academic and social clubs as well. Nobody wants this for their child, would you?

Kids Martial Arts Classes Will Teach Your Child Valuable Life Lesson and More

Surprisingly, children can learn the value of confidence and discipline through martial arts. Kids Martial Arts Classes are hands down your best bet.


 10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Train Martial Arts:

 1.     Learn Self-Discipline – This is essential in all aspects of martial arts, and a child will become receptive when receiving fulfillment from their coaches and lessons in self control and discipline. There are times were a child might struggle at first, but with proper follow through and being acknowledged will continue to hone your child’s awareness of self discipline and have a greater positive impact.

2.     Build Socialization Skills – At first, a child may find it difficult to “fit in” in a social crowd at times; more than often the child may find it easier to be more social and more charismatic in martial arts. A martial arts environment gives the child the opportunity to meet new people and the ability to make new friends. The reason this may be, is because the child is in an environment that each child can relate to in class as well as directed by an instructor to give them simple goals to obtain among themselves and with each other.

3.     Positive and Fun Physical Activity – Thanks to technology and social media, children are becoming lazier through activities like Facebook, video games and what not. These activities hinder a child’s social skill and on top of that it’s a 70% chance that the child is facing obesity. Turning off the electronics can only do so much, but the child needs to be motivated to get up and move. Having your child join martial arts will do just that, yes your child will be off the couch and on a mat taking part in fun physical activities. These activities range from various exercises, drills and even games that will get your child moving and having fun.

4.     Goal Setting – It is important to have goals and to strive for them. Even if a child comes up short,  it builds character and on top of character it provides motivation to complete something. In martial arts there are various rankings in stripes, colored belts, tests and competition that your child can shoot for. The ultimate goal is to work for your black belt, but in between your child may develop a goal to reach that brings them a step closer to their black belt. Goal setting has a great impact when shaping a child’s life because it gives them self awareness and discipline to complete a task, that goes a long way in life.

5.     Higher Self-Esteem – Martial arts gives children the opportunity to accomplish great feats, whether it’s to compete at a tournament or earn a higher belt in x amount of time. When the child is able to do so it builds confidence and self awareness that they are bettering themselves. Instructors recognize their students for their actions on and off the mat as well as what they retain during their classes. When a child develops the ability to master a certain move, go up in rank or compete at a higher level, the child’s self-esteem grows.

6.     Learn Respect – It is vital for a child to develop respect for others and most of all themselves. In martial arts, respect is key because a child needs to obtain this attribute for their instructors and peers in order to learn and develop new skills.

7.     Non-Violent Conflict Resolution – Martial arts does not promote violence and in reality it teaches a child to use self defense as a final resort. Your child will learn how to avoid violent conflict as well as how to react in a calm and resolved manner when faced in a hostile environment. There are various techniques and exercises that a child may learn and use to make any situation non-violent.

8.     Bully Proof – Through martial arts a child develops key characteristics, such as self confidence, respect and a higher self- esteem that bullies will veer away. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 bully situations could be avoided if the victim had self confidence. That’s right, bullies prey on low self esteem and other children that have a lack of confidence within them. That’s why martial arts is vital because your child will develop these skills in the first place.

9.     Self Defense Skills – A child develops skills that will protect them in the long run. No parent wants their child to go through bullying or even have to defend themselves when being threatened physically, but it is reassuring to know that your child developed these skills to prevent them from being a victim.

10.  Overall Improvement in All Areas in Life –These benefits don’t end at martial arts school, but follows your child for the rest of their life. Your child has an opportunity to build confidence, respect and inhibit a healthy and fit lifestyle for the rest of their lives. The skills you learn at a martial arts school supports a child’s development into an adult.



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