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If you have ever been interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or even MMA, then now is the time to get into a program. We realize there are many different gyms out there that offer these types of classes and they all do things differently. If you are looking for the best gym, how would you know what a gym really has to offer (or doesn’t) without trying out some of the classes for free? It is important for a student to have a good understanding of a gym when they are interested in taking classes so that they really know what they will be getting into. It’s for that reason alone that we offer a free trial that people can take advantage of to see just how much they will enjoy classes.┬áIf you are not familiar with any of the types of classes above then here are some brief intros to the classes that we offer.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, is a martial art and self-defense system which focuses on grappling and fighting on the ground.

It is a martial art that promotes the idea of a weaker, smaller person being able to successfully defend against an assailant that may be bigger and stronger. This is possible because of the nature of the martial art and if the smaller person utilizes correct technique and leverage through joint-locks and chokeholds then that person will come out the winner. Training in BJJ can be done in two ways, in gi and n-gi. A Gi is the uniform that one wears during training and is sometimes referred to as a kimono as well. In certain situations people can rely on this martial art with a combination of specific self-defense instruction that can someday save their life.

BJJ is not only just a martial art but has become a sport too. It is a way that people can become much more physically fit and building character, in any age group. From early ages to older age groups, people are able to meet and compete against each other at tournaments to test their knowledge and become stronger for it. Tournaments and competitions are the best ways that people are able to tell if their BJJ is effective or not. Many people also use these opportunities as a way to rise up through the belt rankings very quickly. The average time it takes a person to earn a black belt in BJJ is 12 years. This time can be considerably shortened through success on the competition scene. In the end it depends on your instructor and what the gym’s process is for belt promotion.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand that utilizes stand-up striking and clinching.

It is similar to Kickboxing but with its key differences. Kickboxing is a martial art that focuses on using punching and kicking to strike an opponent. Muay That is a little more complicated in that in addition to being able to grab your opponent in a clinch, a practitioner is also able to use his elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai and Kickboxing is an excellent way to build up your core and cardio conditioning. While many people also use these two martial arts as a form of physical fitness, there are full contact style tournaments available as well.

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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a full contact combat sport that allows fighters to utilize both striking and grappling martial arts from standing as well as on the ground.

The martial arts classes that we offer are the most common martial arts you will see in MMA fights because of their effectiveness. Some other forms of martial arts that you may also hear a fighter is proficient in are karate and judo. It really depends on the fighter and how they trained earlier in their life. BJJ and Muay Thai are extremely effective at what they are intended to do and as such you see many people that train MMA use these two martial arts together. The classes for MMA are more advanced than the single martial art classes and thats because you are mixing martial arts together to create a form of fighting to totally dominate an opponent.

When you are ready to learn more about any of these types of martial arts or are looking for a different way to get in shape then it’s a great idea to look for a gym that offers some sort of free trial. As mentioned above, at a glance you know nothing about a gym, the students, and the staff so how are you going to be able to make a commitment on something you know nothing about. The free trial will allow you to learn about everything, from the instructors of the classes, the schedule, the condition of the gym, and meet other students.




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