5 Simple Factors When Looking for CrossFit Gyms

When getting into a new martial art, sport, or fitness regimen, at any level it’s generally a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of a CrossFit Gym.

There are many different gyms out there that differ from each other and some will be good for you but many of them will be bad. We will help you filter out the different gyms out there through an easy process. Here will be 5 simple factors to take into consideration when you want to begin CrossFit.

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One of the more important factors to consider is the atmosphere of a gym.

This means that when you first walked in or trained at a gym, you should feel comfortable and welcome during training and just in general. There should be no pressure on you except the motivation to become better and stronger. Instructors and staff should be able to push everyone to become stronger without making them hate the classes. If everyone is well motivated and pushed enough to progress daily, it will lead to the whole gym to become stronger together.


The meaning of fitting in at a CrossFit gym means that your instructors understand what your goals are and what level you are currently at. This should be the case for all the students in the gym. If the staff and instructors actively work together with the students to reach their goals then everyone fits in. No matter what your goal might be they should be able to work with you to come up with a plan on how you are going to reach it. Maybe you want to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle mass, or lost body fat, they should be able to work with you.


One of the most important factors is the experience your instructors have. As a new student in any type of class setting you are going to be hungry for knowledge and the instructors need to have the proper training and experience to provide you with it. In CrossFit, instructors need to become certified through many programs that CrossFit HQ offers. In addition to having the right certification, instructors may have some background in the fitness game that you might want to know about. It will reinforce your training knowing that you are being taught by a great instructor and assure you that you are safe. CrossFit instructors should also be stressing safety at all times because of the nature of the weight lifting.


A CrossFit gym’s location should be appropriate. This means decent parking and also is in a recognized and established area. Factor in the other local businesses as well when looking into the location of a gym. As an athlete sometimes you need other facilities such as nutrition shops or maybe another type of gym to supplement your training. This factor can vary from person to person as well as it could be very important or it could be something you don’t mind driving out for. It is always good to consider the possibilities however.


The last factor that you should consider is the pricing. Never make a decision on a gym based on pricing alone because if you do that then you don’t get to see the whole picture. You won’t be able to see what the gym has to offer, what kind of instructors they have, and what great equipment and facilities they may have. The point is, unless you factor everything in to your decision you may be making a mistake. If you are looking for the cheapest pricing out there, your quality of training may suffer because of that. One thing to keep in mind however is you will most definitely need to make a choice on what your budget can afford. If you can’t then you can’t, theres nothing wrong with that but at the very least make sure to have checked everything out and go over all the factors to make a good decision.

In the end, when you take all five factors in to consideration you will be able to easily find a gym that will suit your needs.

Everything is left up to you once you have gone through each of the simple factors and you will need to choose the quality of training that fits your budget. Make sure the atmosphere is friendly; the instructors take you into consideration in regards to your goals, the quality of instructors, location, and pricing.

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