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Theres a reason why so many parents are turning to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes…

Today in society it is becoming more and more difficult to teach children values in work ethic, discipline, and overall positive levels of confidence and self-esteem. The problems come from the media as well as other peers, children are exposed to negativity from around the world at early ages. Children might not be able to fully understand what they are exposed to but it has a huge impact on them regardless and makes it more difficult because they aren’t able to communicate the negative emotions properly until its too late. In the end it is up to the parents to be able to guide their kids but a parent can’t be there at all times. Strong reinforcement and guidance are still very necessary things but in order to supplement that from an outsider is something that may be helpful. This is where kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes comes into play and helps continue what the parents must do.

There are other ways that parents can receive assistance with their children that will help give them confidence and willpower to develop into a healthy positive young adult. For starters, extracurricular activities such as team sports or clubs may be a good direction to go. There is an issue in these directions and thats your child’s well-being in how he or she takes in the new environment, whether its academic, athletic, or social. Something such as baseball might be good for your child but chances are there is going to be a star or top players that get more attention than your child. If your child is neglected in these team sports then that could negatively impact your child. The other option is a martial arts class, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ for short.

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Here are 10 reasons why your child should train BJJ

1. Self-Discipline

Essential in all types of martial arts, discipline is absolutely necessary and a child will become receptive of this once they receive fulfillment from their instructors as well as lessons in self-control. A child may struggle at first but through acknowledgement it will reinforce your child’s understanding of their self-discipline and will have greater positive influence.

2. Social Skills

A child that is new to these types of classes may at first find it difficult to fit in with the class but then realize that it is much easier in a martial arts setting. This may be because of the children being able to relate to the instruction as well as being partnered up to practice moves. A martial arts environment like in BJJ classes provides children with a way to learn social skills that will follow them through the rest of their lives. Children are able to meet new kids and make new friends.

3. Fun Physical Activity

Due to advances in technology, internet, and social media, children are becoming lazier because it has become easier to become entertained. Activities like video games, television, and Facebook are part of the reasons why children would prefer to stay at home than take part in a healthier physical activity. Not only does it cause problems with health but it negatively impacts your child’s social skills. Motivation and capturing your child’s attention is more effective than taking away or turning off electronics. Have your child taking BJJ classes will provide a fun activity that the instructors take great care in to making sure the children are involved and interested. The activities that are involved in these classes typically include various drills, exercises, and games!

4. Goal Setting

Goal Setting for children is an extremely important skill to learn early on because it makes them understand how important hard work is to working for what they want. In BJJ, black belt is the goal and it can take an average of 12 years to earn one. Throughout the journey there will be other goals to slowly rank up in the ranking and constantly provides a goal as well as possible goals on the tournament scene.

5. Increase Self-Esteem

Through BJJ and martial arts, children are able to accomplish great things whether its to win first in a competition or to achieve a certain belt rank in a certain amount of time. When a child accomplishes these things they will build confidence in themselves and will come to a realization that they are becoming a better person and not just in the martial art. Instructors also recognize their students for activities in the gym during training. Some things include learning a certain technique, rise in ranking, or competition at higher levels.

6. Respect

One of the most important things for children to learn these days that is harder to teach is respect. Often these days you might see children talking back to their grandparents or even parents in a very rude manner. These children absolutely need BJJ and martial arts. Respect is learnt on the mat because ego’s are left at the door and anyone who is not respectable on the mat will not be allowed to take part in classes.

7. Conflict Resolution

BJJ does not promote violence and is a a form of self-defense if it is absolutely necessary and as a last resort. Children in these classes should learn how to resolve a conflict without any violence in a calm and resolve manner. Instructors will be able to teach children various techniques and exercises that a child can utilize to make any situation non violent.

8. Bully Proofing

Through BJJ, a children will develop certain characteristics that make them undesirable to bully. These characteristics include high confidence levels, respect and self-esteem. These things put bullies off of targeting them as potential victims because the child does not appear weak at all. Bullies tend to seek out weak individuals and try to make them victims. This makes BJJ a vital part of your child’s life to become stronger in these characteristics.

9. Self-Defense

Learning BJJ will provide your child with a self-defense still that will stay with them the rest of their lives. No parent wants their child to become a victim of bullying or to be in a situation where they have to defend themselves physically. Parents can’t always be around and thats why its important to learn something like this.

10. Overall Life Improvement

All of these benefits will stay with your child the rest of their lives and spill over into other aspects of it. Whether later down the road its during college classes or work, your child will be a much better person than if they had not grown up with BJJ or a martial art.


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