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Conor McGregor’s Coach Explains Why Tony Ferguson Won’t Beat “The Notorious”

Recently, on a podcast, Conor McGregor’s coach and long-time MMA teacher, Owen Roddy (along with BJJ legend Eddie Bravo) was interviewed about the possible upcoming Tony Ferguson VS. Conor McGregor fight, whether or not it’ll happen, when it’ll go down and who will win… “It’s exciting,” Roddy said. “When the word goes out like that, […]

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Georges’ St. Pierre Says He Doesn’t Want The “Honor” Of Fighting Conor McGregor

There’s been speculation on the “possible” fight between Georges’ St. Pierre and Conor McGregor, ESPN recently caught up with GSP and asked him what the plan on that really was. Here’s what he had to say. “Everything is possible,” St-Pierre said. “But everybody is targeting Conor McGregor because the money, he’s the money fight. But […]

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