Dana White: What Needs To Happen For McGregor VS. St. Pierre

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Recently, UFC Head Honcho, Dana White, got to speak on an interesting topic, McGregor VS. St. Pierre, the fight.

Here’s what he said would have to happen in order for it to actually get carried out… Judging from these conditions, it’s most definitely a distinct possibility.

“GSP would need to defend his title first at 185 [pounds] and Conor has some business to handle himself. It would be a year and a half down the road before we would even talk about that,” White said about the fight.

“Everybody’s intriguing for Conor McGregor. I mean, if you look at Conor McGregor at 145, 155 and 170 [pounds], everything is intriguing.”


“I don’t know where that would be,” White teased about a destination for McGregor vs. St-Pierre. “We could do it in Croke Park in Ireland, where there’s like 100,000 seats. You could do it here in Toronto, where we had 56,000 people, and you could do it in Vegas, which is always good, too.”

Then, earlier he had talked on the Pardon My Take podcast (which can be found HERE) Exactly what the next fight for the Irish Superstar, Conor McGregor, would be.

When asked about a third fight with Nathan Diaz being next for McGregor, White had this to say:

“No, that’s not true,” White said. “Not true. It has literally not even been talked about.”

On a fight in the great Croke Park in Ireland:

“(Croke Parke) sounds great, but it’s probably going to be Tony Ferguson in Las Vegas,” White said. “But we do want to do Croke Park. The reason we haven’t done Croke Park with Conor is because we can’t get it done over there. They have a curfew on what time you got to be out of there and noise ordinances.”

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