Georges’ St. Pierre Says He Doesn’t Want The “Honor” Of Fighting Conor McGregor

There’s been speculation on the “possible” fight between Georges’ St. Pierre and Conor McGregor, ESPN recently caught up with GSP and asked him what the plan on that really was.

Here’s what he had to say.

“Everything is possible,” St-Pierre said. “But everybody is targeting Conor McGregor because the money, he’s the money fight. But I don’t challenge guys that compete in lower weight class divisions. For me, I don’t do that. I’m going up to fight Michael Bisping now. I’m looking up.”

“He’s an amazing fighter, it would be an amazing honor, but I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. If the fans want it and he wants it maybe it will happen. But right now, I’m focused on Bisping.”

And the rumors about him fighting Conor if “The Notorious” won over Nate Diaz in their first bout, were completely false.

“I showed up at the fight because Lorenzo Ferttita asked me to come and show up,” GSP said. “Because my agent was in negotiations with the UFC. He wanted me to be there. I don’t know if he had something else behind his head, I was just there because of the meeting.”

“I didn’t have any plan of doing anything towards Conor McGregor. We don’t compete in the same weight class.”

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