Rafael Dos Anjos Dismisses Contender Because He Isn’t Worthy Of A Fight

Dos Anjos Dismisses Contender Because He Isn't Worthy Of A Fight

Rafael Dos Anjos recently turned down a fight with an up and coming Welterweight division contender by the name of Kamaru Asman. An interesting choice, no doubt, here’s why he did it.

“I just beat the No. 6 in the division and I’m currently at No. 5, it doesn’t make any sense to fight the No. 10,” dos Anjos said. “I understand that everyone is trying to promote themselves to get interesting fights, but I’m worried about fighters who are ahead of me.”

“I’m only worried about fighters ahead of me,” dos Anjos added.

“Even his manager said I deserve to fight for the title,” dos Anjos responded, “so I don’t know why he’s worried about me. I’m a former champion, I’m in the UFC for almost 10 years, and this kid just got here the other day. Relax, man, mind your own business and don’t cut the line.”

“[UFC matchmaker Sean] Shelby called me after my fight in Singapore offering the fight with Woodley. I accepted it right away, and I believe this win over Magny put me in a much better position,” dos Anjos said. “I’m ready to fight the champion and I don’t see any other guy in the division that can beat him.

“Everyone else ahead of me already lost to the champion or to the last contender, Demian Maia, so since I’m a former champion, and I’m undefeated at welterweight, I believe the next chance should be mine.”

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