12 Ways to Stop Bullies

There are many ways to stop a bully out there and here we will give you 12 ways your child could get away from a bully without making the situation worse.

When we say worse we mean striking back at the bully resulting in your child also getting into just as much trouble as the bully.Unfortunately these days a bully situation can get your child in the same trouble as a bully due to the zero tolerance rules regarding violence in schools. This is why its extremely important to go over this with your child!

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1. Befriend the Bully

One of the reasons bullies become a bully is because they were once bullied before or may still be. The traits that a bully has are the same as the ones that makes someone more prone to being bullied. A bully is looking for some sort of attention. You should try to become friends with the bully through someway, such as asking the bully for help with something or offer to help with something!


2. Laughing is the best way to defuse any situation

If you make the bully laugh you may throw him or her off guard. You don’t want to make fun of the bully but just fun in general. The idea is to turn the threatening situation into a funny one, even if you need to make a joke about yourself.


3. Be clever

Have your child use their imagination! Have them come up with something on the fly that the bully might be afraid of. If a bully is threatening to touch your child you could have your child say they have a nasty rash and run off. The child could even say something like look over there and then run off. The idea is to not let the bully engage at all.


4. Walking Away

This is one of the more over-looked methods of getting out of a bully situation. It doesn’t matter what the bully says, just walk. The bully is not worth your child’s time and it is not cowardly at all to walk away from a bully. It is a simple way to end something before it becomes something.


5. Don’t feed the Troll

This means just agree with whatever the bully is saying. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make the bully calm. When you agree with the bully you basically take away his fun in the insults he is trying to throw at you. If you are agreeing rather than disagreeing, there is no fight and that is the goal.


6. Do not Fight

Just refuse to fight straight up. Make sure your child understands that there is going to be huge problems if he or she physically fights back. This is unfair but unfortunately these are the rules that schools follow. Make sure your child just says nope.


7. Standing up to a bully

Standing up to a bully can go one of two ways in a given situation. When the bully threatens your child, you could have them stand up to them face to face. This may work in getting them to stand down, or it could simply make them angrier.

8. Yelling and Screaming

A good shout could potentially distract a bully long enough for your child to get away. Have your child learn how to really let one rip at home! At worst, this will alert some sort of authority to something going on.


9. Ignore ignore ignore

Ignore the bully. This is easier than walking away. Just don’t even acknowledge the bully and keep going. Turn the other direction from the bully and walk.


10. Authority

Alert someone that has authority in the area where the bullying is taking place. If it’s at school then alert a teacher or supervisor. If it gets really bad then maybe law enforcement needs to get involved to really get the point across to the bully. Bullying is something that should not take place at all so your child should not be labeled a snitch because this is for the wellbeing of everyone who might have been a victim of that bully.


11. Reasoning

Try to reason with the bully through kind words and not becoming irritated yourself. If you don’t argue and act friendly you may be able to convince the bully to back off.


12. The martial arts stance

As a last resort, your child can take on a strong martial arts stance. Your child doesn’t actually need to have trained in a martial art to do this. This may throw the bully off and something to keep in mind is a bully doesn’t actually want to get in to a fight; they try to get a rise out of their victims. Martial arts stance will tell the bully children are ready to defend themselves if needed.

With these options on handling a bully situation, your child should be prepared for what may come.

Bullying is a problem that has done too much damage to children and continues to hurt them as they grow up. As a parent, you should not ever want your child to be unprepared for any situation in school.

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