Women Only Bootcamp in Alhambra | Benefits over everyday Gyms

Many people might wonder, why women only bootcamp classes in Alhambra.

There are several reasons why women prefer these types of classes. Women only bootcamp classes offer a different type of environment for women to work out in. In Women only bootcamp classes, there is an instructor that is constantly providing motivation and workouts to do. While it varies from gym to gym, the workouts can cover a different range of things and even provide some self-defense training at the same time. These are clear benefits over an everyday gym and in the cases of martial arts being integrated into a routine, this kills two birds with one stone and results in more bang for your buck too. Here are the main reasons women may prefer these types of programs to an everyday gym.

Women Only Bootcamp Alhambra

The Environment in Women Only Bootcamp Classes in Alhambra

It is an environment that isn’t completely dominated by men and their uncomfortable stares. Many women feel uncomfortable with men staring at them while they work out at an everyday gym like LA Fitness or 24 hour fitness. That isn’t to say all women are affected the same way by this and in fact some women just learn to ignore it and go about their usual routine and get their workout done. It goes without saying however that something like this can get very old quick, especially guys that may approach a woman in the middle of her workout to try and show her how its done. It can be understandable that these things get really annoying quick. When you go to the gym, you want to workout and not be told exactly how you do something you may already know or modified to your own body type. People’s body types are different especially women and men might not understand that a way women do things have to be changed slightly. Whatever the case, if a woman needed help they would seek it.

In these women only bootcamp classes its just other women and the instructor. This will allow women to workout comfortably with other ladies that want to reach their goals as fast as they can. Compared to an everyday gym, women can see results with these programs much quicker due to being coached by an instructor. That leads us to our other reason women only bootcamp classes in Alhambra are so effective!

Instructors track your progress in women only bootcamp classes.

That’s right, remember only being able to do 5 push ups and then a month later being able to do 15? Your instructors definitely do and with results tracking you will be motivated to go even further and push harder every class session. There are even regular tests to see exactly how far along you are progress wise and to see what you need to do to improve. Depending on where you look for these programs, most have diet programs for you to try for that added boost.

Women only bootcamp classes are great and if you have ever been looking for this type of environment to workout in then what are you waiting for. These programs have been popping up recently and are a huge hit because of reasons above. If you are in the Alhambra area then you should stop by Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at 1827 W. Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91803. Alternatively you could give us a call at 626 282 2012 and see what we have to offer.

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