UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey: What Mike Tyson Thinks About Her

Mike Tyson thoughts of himself as he sees Ronda Rousey in action.

It was a massive bang, when Rousey grabbed her coach for judo and toss him onto the canvas. A few moments later, Mike Tyson walked into the mixed martial arts gym Glendale Fighting Club in California.

Iron Mike wasn’t at ease with what was happening. His eyes even widened, being amazed while Justin Flores was being repeatedly tossed by Rousey. Then, he finally spoke up. “It just doesn’t look fun, no more”, Tyson said while smiling. “It’s fun for me, I don’t know about him”, Rousey replied.

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champ, has once dominated Boxing. It’s actually that same level at to how Rhonda Rousey is dominating Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

In Dana White’s opinion, the UFC president, the achievement I actually incomparable. She thinks that no other athlete has leveled up compared to Rousey and Tyson in their specific fields. White has this to say:  “These are two of the greatest to ever walk the planet in their sports. Not many people in the world can relate to that.” Tyson thinks that Rhonda Rousey is a killer. This is what he said about her: “Ronda, she’s a lady. Polite, kind, sweet and adorable, but her whole barometer is, she’s a killer. She has that killer aura, meaning anything is capable of happening. Whoa! That’s exciting before the fight even starts. I think of myself when I watch her”.

Tyson Rousey 1After the close encounter and bumping fists, Tyson discussed how he admires Rousey’s focus when it comes to training, even if there are spectators inside the gym. Both have agreed that one of the best fight moments is getting the belt and the cash, of course. Also, there was a time when you go back to your hotel room and pause, just to think what exactly happened, according to Rousey.

For the time that Tyson spent in visiting Rousey, she has this to say: “It’s very humbling, and I was just honored the he would go through the trouble or go out of his way to watch me train. I’m really glad he was able to come, but it won’t be until after I beat Bethe and go home and go back to the hotel and look at myself in the mirror for the first time, like he was saying — that’s the moment it all hits you. He knows better than anyone what that moment is like”.

Rousey made a promise to make her next fight painful for her contender. She will be up against the trash-talking Brazilian, Correia. Rousey said that she will make sure that Correia will lose “in the most devastatingly embarrassing way possible”.

Tyson remembered the feeling as he fought before. Having the feeling of being invisible, so it seems. The former boxing champ won by knockout, for his first 19 combats. Even won and defended his heavyweight title for four years in 1986.

Tyson is happy that no matter what has Rousey achieved now, she stays the way she is, being focused on the things that she needs to do to get to the top.

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