Dana White Gives Us The Odds On His Biggest Stars Returning To UFC

In a recent interview, UFC president Dana White gave us (literally) the odds on some of his organization’s biggest stars ever returning to fight, names such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, and several others were tossed around.

He gave some good odds for some of the most entertaining/talented fighters to ever grace the octagon with their presence, definitely looking forward to as many of these predictions as possible coming true. Are you?

“I’m going to take the odds and say yes,” when asked if he though that Conor McGregor would fight more than twice inside the Octagon at odds of +175 that he will.

“I’m going to say yes at +150,” that St-Pierre will return.

“I’m going to say no at -1000,” that Ronda Rousey fights again.

“I am going to take the odds again and say yes.” at +500 that Brock Lesnar will return.

“I will take the yes at + 150” that Jon Jones will fight for UFC again in 2018.”

“Those are horrible odds. But I am going to go at yes + 130,” that the Diaz brothers will fight in 2018.

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