Cris Cyborg Says Conor McGregor And Ronda Rousey Are Overhyped

Cris Cyborg Says Conor McGregor And Ronda Rousey Are Overhyped

In a recent interview, female UFC top contender Cris Cyborg had some sorta harsh words for two of the biggest faces of the sport, Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, basically what she says boils down to her thinking that they’re overhyped and haven’t come up against enough real tests to prove themselves yet… What do you think?

”I think you see already Ronda Rousey,” Cyborg said. “Everyone think she is the best fight ever, ever pound for pound, and then you see when she fight real fighters, she has a hard time. And then, maybe McGregor. He’s never seen fighting one guy who’s tough, I would like to see him fight Jacare and fight Khabib. And McGregor has a big name but you don’t know, we don’t see him in real fight, with tough guys in MMA.”

”I don’t like it when you put everything in the sport on just two persons,” she said. “Because when they lose, then people get no interesting. You need to promote all the fighters. Like let’s no promote women’s MMA, only the face Ronda Rousey. You can no do this because now she retire. Now people are interested in only her. You have to promote all the girls. All the girls make the sport great.”

”Same thing with McGregor. All the guys make up men’s MMA, but they just push the face. Ronda retires, or no retire, she take a break. McGregor only wants to come back when he can win. And this is not helping the sport growing.”

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