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Stand Up To Bullies With Boxing! | Boxing In Montebello |

Stand Up To Bullies With Boxing! Standing up to bullies might seem frightening, but with Boxing, standing up to bullies will not be as frightening at all. When threatened by a bully, stand up to the bully, look him in the face, and show him that you’re not scared. There is a possibility that this […]

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Boxing Is FUN!! | Boxing in Montebello |

Boxing Keeps Your Head Clear When you hear Boxing you will immediately think of Boxing in Montebello because our gym is known for its excellent boxing curriculum and instructors. Keep your mind at ease by training at our gym where we will teach you to keep your life on track by making the right choices. Boxing will teach […]

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Boxing Helps You Be Healthy | Boxing in Montebello |

Boxing Will Make You Healthy Time after time have you made a commitment to yourself to stay fit, start exercising, eat right, and be healthy at the beginning of the year? Well, almost everyone has said that to themselves and ultimately failed at achieving their goal and keeping their promise. Staying healthy and exercising may […]

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