Selva Women Only Bootcamp

Selva Women Only Bootcamp was created with the thoughts of women in mind.

Women have it tougher than most men in many cases and it can be difficult to get a good workout in at an everyday gym like LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness gyms. Many things can keep women from getting in a workout like the constant worry about how they look and who is looking at her. Women can be very self conscious at a gym and since it is a public place where many others are also working out, this could be a huge problem. Another issue is not having enough time to get to workout especially among mothers. From our experience it is the mothers that often take children from X to Y or home. One of the reasons we have come up with a Women Only Bootcamp is because of the mothers that often bring their children to the kids martial arts classes we offer. They bring their child to class and sit on the side until classes are over. For some children, this can last between 1 and 2 hours depending. During this time, mothers that want to get into shape could be using this time to workout and what better reason to offer a Women Only Bootcamp program that they can attend while their children are right next door.

Women Only Bootcamp

Team Selva Women Only Bootcamp

Here are the things Selva Women Only Bootcamp can help you with:

There are many benefits that you will see from our Women Only Bootcamp program and for the full breakdown on what you can expect to gain from us, visit the link. The biggest benefit of joining this type of a program was touched on earlier but it is the fact that it is only Women training together without any of the insecurities that an everyday gym tends to have with working out.

  • Dieting

Dieting can make or break a good workout routine. If you are giving your body crap you can expect crap back in regards to your progress. Our program offers dieting tips and programs that come with our Women Only Bootcamp. For the full information on proper dieting and how beginners should approach nutrition check out the link!

Proper resting and recovery is a vital part of any type of workout routine or training program. Without it, you can actually see negative results from training. One of the worst things you could probably do is over train your body and neglect rest and recovery. This is often one of the mistakes people make most often and then question why they aren’t seeing any results.

  • Stretching

Just like with rest and recovery, stretching is equally important in order to prevent injuries and also perform some of the more advanced workouts. Stretching develops a better flexibility and results in a better range of movement from your body. Becoming flexible doesn’t mean you can’t become strong and in fact some of the best weight training exercises can develop flexibility if done with correct form and techniques. See the link for tips on stretching!

  • Proper Gear

At Selva Women Only bootcamp classes, we provide most of the equipment for you so it is up to you to have the proper gear necessary to tackle the intense workouts the coach throws at you. In the link we provide what and why for the proper gear to help make getting through the workouts better.

  • Supplements

This is a completely optional part of any fitness program. Supplements have been much more popular among men for a long time due to the ingredients in them. In recent years there have been many supplements developed with Women in mind and promote themselves as being safe for men and women. There are so many supplement types out there it’s hard to understand what does what and which is good for you. If you are interested in a supplement program then we have some suggestions for women in a Women Only Bootcamp Program.

Not only does Selva Women Only Bootcamp offer many benefits we have guides that will help you along with your goals.

Women Only Bootcamp

Selva Women Only Bootcamp Team Representing

There is much more to fitness programs than only dieting and workouts alone. As you can see above, there are many things that can help improve and contribute to your programs. Some of those things people might have told you or you may have heard and that’s because it is serious. Everything we offer tips and suggestions on can contribute heavily to your exercise routine. There is much more that is planned for our Women Only Bootcamp team so stay tuned! There might be many choices for Women Only Bootcamp programs but once you understand how to pick the right Women Only Bootcamp program you may want to give us a call. When you are ready to give us a try then you can give us a call at (626) 282 2012 and find us a 1827 W. Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91803. We will be glad to have you along and will stop at nothing to make sure you reach your goals and see results!

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