Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra | It’s TIME!!

It’s that time of the year again and the Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra is getting ready for this summer!

Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra

Selva Kid’s Summer Camp Group Photo at a Pier!

Whether you are a returning parent with your kid(s) or new to our kids summer camp program, you know that the time to get involved is now. There has always been a limited amount of space in the Kids summer Camp program so you should reserve your place with us as soon as possible! Every year it has been extremely busy with our summer program because so many parents want a great place to enroll their children for the summer. Not only does acting early reserve your child’s spot with us but you can also ask about the early registration deal we have available. Our Kids summer camp in Alhambra is one of the best ways for your child to have a great summer, stay in shape, and learn. We are looking at you, parents who’s kids stay indoors on the couch all day! This isn’t any ordinary Kids Summer camp program either as you will soon find out!

Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra, with a twist!

This is no ordinary Kids Summer Camp because we add a little twist to it. Most summers camps provide a safe and friendly environment that children stay from the morning until around mid day. During the program there are usually activities ranging from arts and crafts, field trips, and games. I think we can all agree that is the norm for a kids summer camp. We have all of what would be considered the norm and add in martial arts for your child’s benefit! Since the facilities we use are used for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Bootcamp programs later in the day, it is only natural we add in some of these classes for your children. Of course it is taken care of by a trained instructor and our Kid’s martial arts program is already one of the best programs in the area. The program is designed to make sure your children have a great time while also learning how to defend themselves and become more confident for the coming school year. Perhaps during the regular school year your child doesn’t have the time to join a martial arts program which makes this kids summer camp ideal for him or her! Not many Summer Camp programs can say they have a staff trained in certain martial arts to be able to teach your children the right stuff.

Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra


Some of the things to expect in our Kids Summer Camp:

In case you might be wondering where your child or what your child might be doing during their stay with us in our kids summer camp program here are just a few things. There are some weekly visits to the local pool which is strictly overseen by trained lifeguards always on duty. This will ensure they are getting a healthy amount of sunlight during their summer and there are also beach trips! Each year is always different so there were previous visits to places like museums and fun places like a huge indoor trampoline place. If you want to find out more then visit the link and enter your information so we can get back to you!

Or give us a call at (626) 282 2012 ! Ask about our early registration deal and to reserve your child spot!!

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