Miesha Tate on comments about Ronda Rousey’s Loss: “I didn’t handle it probably as well as I could have.”

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Miesha Tate may have an idea that she went a bit too far with her comments about former women’s mixed martial arts bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s surprising KO loss to Holly Holm in the recent UFC 193 event.

Miesha, who has a current record of 17-5 MMA and 4-2 UFC, has been Rousey’s rival for the longest time. Rousey, who has now a record of 12-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC, has won over Tate twice already. This is why Tate was just as shocked like everybody else when “Rowdy” lost her belt to Holm, now 10-0 MMA and 3-0 UFC. Holly played the perfect game to beat Rousey and dominated the entire 2 rounds of the fight. She ended the bout with a flawless head kick which ultimately knocked out Rousey.

With the loses that Tate faced against Rousey, it’s not surprising that she was the first one to comment when Rousey met her first loss in her entire MMA career. Tate was in Las Vegas that time hosting a viewing party when she said some really mean comments about Rousey.

Miesha TateA few days after Tate said those rather harsh words, the former Strikeforce champ took a step back and backtracked on her words. In a recent interview, Tate said admitted that she really did mean most of the statements she said that night, but looking back, she said she should’ve have expressed those feelings in a more tactful and gracious way.

“I was pumped and super excited and thought, ‘This is definitely a game changer for me.’ Most people know Ronda and I have a very extensive history, and I think my words definitely got the best of me in the heat of the moment. You’re charged up and there’s so many things that were said and I felt like that should have been my – I wanted to be in there for that fight and it was promised me, so there was part of me that was amped up and chomping at the bit and wanting to be that person in there. Then you say some things,” Tate said.

“I definitely think my words got the best of me, but at the same time, it’s not like there’s been kind words exchanged on her end. It’s usually pretty blunt on her end and definitely been a lot of comments that have been made. … There are some deep-seated roots of resentment with the way I’ve been treated in the situation. It came out and I wish I would have maybe thought a little bit better before I said something like that,” she added.

It was also reported that Tate was supposed to go up against the former bantamweight champ instead of Holm, and she was very vocal about what she felt about what happened. Tate admitted she was very frustrated about what took place that she even threatened retirement. She said that this might be the part of the reason why she said those things when Rousey lost the MMA fight.

“Not that I’m apologizing for it, but I think I could have had a bit better of an approach. I admit I was in an emotional state. I was pumped up, excited and a little bit envious that I feel like that could have been my fight. A lot of emotions were going on, so it’s not necessarily an apology, but admitting I didn’t handle it probably as well as I could have,” Tate said.

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