Former champion Anderson Silva on Ronda Rousey Loss: “You are a great champion of life and (an inspiration) for all world.”

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What happened to Ronda Rousey last UFC 193 has been a little too familiar for former MMA champion, Anderson Silva.

Silva had the same fate back when he was still the reigning champion. Now that he saw one of the brightest stars in the UFC fall, he deemed it was just fit to say some encouraging words that will probably stick to the former bantamweight champ for quite awhile.

Ronda RouseyRousey went against Holly Holm as the main card event in UFC 193 held in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend. Unfortunately, Rousey, who has now a record of 12-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC, lost the fight (and her belt) to pro-boxing champion Holly Holm after a second-round knockout.
The former bantamweight champion was the most favored fighter that night. She was expected to get her women’s bantamweight title for the seventh time. As expected, the world was shocked when she faced a devastating loss. Silva, who held the record for most consecutive UFC title defenses, experienced a devastating loss himself when he went against Chris Weidman and ultimately the champ’s his reign.

Silva took it to Instagram and posted a photo of Ronda with his heart-warming message. The former middleweight champ, who is currently serving his one-year suspension due to usage of banned substances, said that “biggest glory” is not measured by a clean, undefeated record; it’s measured by how come you come back up “after each fall”.

“You are a great champion of life and (an inspiration) for all world,” Silva said.

Here’s the full text of his encouraging message posted on Instagram:

“Our biggest glory doesnt lives in the fact of never fall down, But In the fact of we always stand up after each fall. With determination, You will over come this bad time. I know very well how It is. You are a great athlet and transcend the MMA world. My kids love You. So, dont forget: To fall Makes us strongerTo stand up. You deserve the best of this world. Nobody is forever. All of us lost And To lose make us stronger. So, I wish You peace And lots of patience. Hold this experience with inteligence And dont blame yourself. You had a big lesson Of this Sport. With class You will transform this hapeness In something better To your Personal And professional life, because the world was made for people like You, a winner. Stand up your head, girl. You are a great champion of life And a inpiration for all world. Dont forget, we Love You!”

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