Good Ol’ Vitor Belfort Wants $10 MILLION For His Last Fight

Former UFC champion/legend of the sport, Vitor Belfort, recently had an interview with UFC Unfiltered on ESPN about his upcoming fight, what he’s getting paid for it, and why he knows it’ll be his last fight.

“This is my retirement fight,” Belfort told UFC Unfiltered. “After that, I am putting my body to rest.

“Life is about seasons, and I think you’ve got to know the seasons. I think back sometimes, I flashback, and say, ‘Wow, I’m still doing this. Wow, that’s crazy.’ I’m very thankful, but I think my body needs to rest.”

“I was always a man of the moment. I think it helped me go through things I went through in life,” Belfort said. “I never plan [things], but I remember in 2007, I made a decision, ‘OK, I’m going to be fighting until I’m 40.’ Here I am, finishing this plan I made in 2007.

“You’ve got to respect your body and know the time to transition to what’s next. A lot of athletes cannot transition. They don’t have nothing to do after.”

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