Michael Bisping blasts former MMA champion Anderson Silva

MMA Silva vs Bisping

It looks like Michael Bisping does respect former MMA middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, but only to certain point.

In a recent interview during the open workout, Bisping, who has a record of 27-7 MMA and 17-7 UFC, shared his feelings about the upcoming fight against the UFC legend Anderson Silva, who, on the other hand, is holding a record of 33-6 MMA and 16-2 UFC. Bisping admitted that this fight with Silva is far more exhilarating for him rather than going up against Gegard Mousasi this coming February 27th. Going up against Mousasi was Bisping’s original plan, but there were events that took place that changed the entire plan and booked Silva to be his opponent instead.

MMA Silva vs Bisping“I was supposed to fight Gegard Mousasi. And, while I was excited fighting in London, it was just another in a long list of opponents. It was just another name, another opponent. (UFC President) Dana White called offered Anderson Silva and, of course, that changes everything. This is a huge fight. Biggest fight of my career. I’m returning to London for my first fight in the UK in five or six years against the greatest of all time, the legend that is Anderson Silva. Of course, this changes everything. I’m very excited,” Bisping revealed.

Everybody knows that Bisping and Silva don’t have the most amicable relationship. Before stepping back in the cage, Silva had to face a one year suspension due usage of multiple banned drugs after winning against Nick Diaz back at UFC 183. This is the first fight that Silva will be going back in the cage since his suspension.

Bisping, however, isn’t going to let the former MMA champion’s recent rap just slip away with any backlash.

“Listen, Anderson is a great fighter, he’s achieved many, many things. But the fact of the matter is, he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in his last fight. Apparently, that’s the first time he’s been tested. That’s what he said. His words, not mine. A cynic would lead me to believe that he was using his whole career. Shame on him. How he calls himself a martial artist and takes performance enhancing drugs is beyond me, it really is,” Bisping added.

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