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There are many programs and martial arts available for your child in Montebello.


Whatever kids program is good for your child is up to you and him or her. These suggestions are made with a few things in mind. One thing is to keep your child active and healthy. Another thing is to keep him away from too much video games and television; these things are fun but need to be kept in moderation. The last thing is to make sure that he has a recreational activity that is going to keep his confidence up and also to help him do well in school. He or she should also have fun while taking part in these activities! Here are a few suggestions for you to consider introducing to your child.


The first suggestion is swimming. Every kid likes to jump in to a pool and it’s important for a child to learn how to swim at an early age. This is something that may stick with him or her for the rest of their life.  It is also a fun activity that can be outdoor during the summer and also indoor if it’s too cold during the winter. A child introduced to swimming early on will learn to love being in the water and also how to be safe while swimming.

swimming program

The next activity we suggest is Tap dancing. Of most of the early dancing activities for young children, tap is one of the most gender-neutral of them all. It’s loud and its fun, it will keep a child entertained and active.

tap dance program

Rock climbing is something that might interest your child. While we don’t recommend full on outdoor rock climbing yet, indoor rock climbing can be a really fun activity for kids. Rock climbing can build physical strength and also mental capability. Rock climbers usually have to make choices when climbing ahead of time, knowing which way to progress up a rock and potentially deal with problems that may come up.

rock climbing

The last suggestion, one we have much experience with, is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our kids program has seen much success with children with different problems or those that just want something fun and challenging to take part of. Jiu Jitsu can help your child with confidence and also bullying problems because it’s a non-striking martial art. This is important because with striking programs your child may get hurt or in trouble. In Montebello we have one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs available and our kid’s instructors work very well with children.

jiu jitsu kids program

No matter what program you decide to place your child in,

as long as he or she is getting out of the house and getting active, that’s the goal. If you are interested in some Jiu Jitsu programs we have available in Montebello, we can definitely help. Don’t allow your child to sit at home all day playing games and watching television, get them active!

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