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Since mixed martial arts gyms are blowing up in Alhambra, how can you figure out which one is the best for you?


One key piece of information you, as the consumer, needs to know is that all MMA gyms are different; they are not regulated by any organization. Places that instruct in mixed martial arts all have different instructors, different teaching styles, and also different facilities. This means that when you are trying to find a place to train at, you will need to look for certain things.

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One of the first things you should research is the instructors that teach at the gym. Usually there are several instructors and a head instructor who monitors the curriculum and how the other instructors teach the techniques. The head instructor needs to be at a black belt level and that is important because of the knowledge and experience earned throughout the years in earning a black belt. If the head instructor is not at a black belt level it would be best to pass on this place and move on to the next option.


Another thing you should observe when looking for a MMA gym in Alhambra is the quality of the gym itself.

Check to make sure that the gym is well maintained and clean. This is important because nothing is worse than training techniques on a dirty mat that could lead to ringworm or other infections. A clean gym means healthy students!


In order to properly get all the information needed in order to make a decision about a MMA gym that you may want to train at there are some steps that should be taken.

First is to check the gym’s website and gather information from there, instructors, images of the gym, and scheduling. The next step is to give the place a call to answer any other questions you may have or to schedule an appointment to meet with a coach. The final step is to finally meet with someone from the gym so they can explain everything to you. Once all these have been done it is up to you to make an educated decision on choosing where to begin your mixed martial arts journey!


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