Henry Cejudo on fighting MMA champions: “Everyone is beatable.”

MMA Henry Cejudo

In a recent interview, Henry Cejudo revealed that the MMA champ Demetrious Johnson will finally meet his end this coming UFC 197. Cejudo will be going up against Johnson for the flyweight championship belt.

Johnson, who is holding a record of 23-2-1 MMA and 11-1-1 UFC, has been tagged as a ‘riddle with no solution’ ever since he was able to snag the 125-pound belt four years ago. Cejudo, on the other hand, is an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and remains undefeated in MMA. He said that his abilities would surely make Johnson surrender his title belt.

MMA Henry Cejudo“Everyone is beatable. There’s not a human being on this earth that shoots bolts of lightning from their eyes and fire from their ass. Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time, and that’s the way I see it. To me, it’s all about the strategy. It’s all about the game plan and it’s all about the adjustments. He’s a very well-rounded fighter and he understands his style of fighting. That’s what makes him problematic. But if you get somebody with a high IQ like myself, I can break things down. It kind of gets me mad that people underestimate me because I have no fear whatsoever,” Cejudo said.

Cejudo further revealed that his patience in developing himself would probably be useful when he goes inside the cage with Johnson. Even though he only has 10 professional fights, Cejudo said he has been preparing for this kind of fight since he was a kid, so he’s sure that he’ll do a really great job inside the cage.

“Do I feel nervous? Absolutely. But those are the nerves that make me a competitor, those are the nerves that make me rise to the occasion, those are the nerves that when I get, I know it’s meant to be. This is just part of the plan since I started fighting and from when I was a little kid and started watching the UFC. When you work hard, things come a lot faster than you can think of. I knew this was going to happen. When you work hard you’re going to keep getting better, it’s no surprise,” Cejudo said.

Cejudo further said that watching Johnson and his moves before the fight is really important together with his other preparations. And although Johnson’s power and speed can only be measured inside the cage, a lot of other aspects of his previous fights can be seen on the footages. All fighters have their own personal techniques, and Cejudo revealed that he already knows Johnson’s weak spots.

“He’s a smart fighter and people don’t take enough time chopping down some of the habits, some of the patterns that he does. It’s all based on distance with Demetrious and it’s all based on reactions. If you can understand that you can actually break the fight down. My desire is there, my will is there – it’s just a technical adjustment. No one thought I could win the Olympics at my weight; I was ranked 31st in the world. I went out and won the Olympics and became the youngest to ever do it. This is the way I see MMA. It’s a re-run. That’s all there is to it,” Cejudo added.

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