Dominick Cruz on the latest Team Alpha Male drama: “I think it’s hilarious because you just see the true colors of everybody.”

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MMA Dominick Cruz

It looks like Dominick Cruz is enjoying all the drama that Team Alpha Male and MMA veteran Urijah Faber has right now.

Cruz, who has a record of 21-1 MMA and 4-0 UFC and is now the reigning UFC bantamweight MMA champion, recently admitted that he has never been fond of the team and its members. He went against Urijah Faber two times, won over Joseph Benavidez, and just recently, won over former Team Alpha Male member T.J. Dillashaw. Dillashaw, who now has a record of 12-3 MMA and 8-3 UFC, was the title holder before Cruz stepped inside the cage last January and got his title belt back.

Having a record of 5-1 just by going against Team Alpha Male members, or as what Cruz called them, “Team Alpha Fail”, it looks like he will be anticipating a possible fight with Faber in the near future.

MMA Dominick Cruz“I think it’s hilarious because you just see the true colors of everybody. All you heard was how those guys wouldn’t fight each other, if you recall. And how close they were and how much of a brotherhood they had. They would never fight their friends, but now all it takes is one little thing to stray away from that in a heartbeat. There’s no loyalty in any of those gentlemen,” Cruz said.

Cruz further admitted that he has no issues with MMA fighters from Team Alpha Male wanting to explore alternative training techniques. But, he does have an issue with the fact that nobody is owning up to their actions. Cruz said that MMA fighters like Benavidez are trying to play on both teams, and this just makes things much worse.

“They’ll all write each other off in a heartbeat to get up on the other one. That’s just the truth because they proved it. If there’s a better situation these guys can move into for themselves, they’re going to take it. It has nothing to with friendship, it has nothing to do with loyalty, it has nothing to do with brotherhood – it has to do with what they need for themselves. I have no problem with that mindset if you just admit it, but the problem is these guys are trying to play this friendship game and they don’t want to fight each other because they’re ‘best buds.’ It’s just really stupid to me. To hear all that and that’s why they’ve never faced in each other in the octagon, and now they split up and are willing to face each other, it’s just stupid. It’s really, really dumb. It’s like a fraternity house and one fraternity changes to the other one and now they’re not cool anymore and there can only be one group that’s cool. It’s just silly, those guys are just a bunch of drama and they’re all in it for themselves. If they would just admit that then I probably wouldn’t have to say it, but I have to say it because they won’t say it,” Cruz said.

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