Combat America’s Obesity Problems with Martial Arts in Alhambra!

America’s obesity problem has now just started to level off.

This is according to the annual ‘’F as in Fat’’ report that is issued together with the Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from this year 2013. This does not mean that the problem is being fixed somehow. It simply means that it is leveling off for the time being. People everywhere still need to fight this problem that is projected to become much worse if unhealthy diets and habits continue on.

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One of the ways to fight this problem is through martial arts.

This provides an entertaining way of staying active and at the same time provides many other benefits. Some of the other benefits of taking up a martial art include improved confidence, being able to defend yourself whenever you need to, and weight loss. Some programs that help their students achieve their goals also provide plans for the student that has something they want to work on. If this is a fitness goal then an instructor might be able to provide them with exercises or drills they can do at home and also a diet plan they could follow. Other students at the gym may have similar goals in mind too so everyone might push each other so they could all reach their goals together!


The other way is to stop eating trashy foods. When I say trashy foods I’m talking about fast food garbage. Unless it is some sort of emergency and your athletic enough to handle something like fast food, no one should be eating any of it. Fast food is the easiest way to become obese and what people don’t realize is that the cheap processed food is cheap because it’s cheap and processed. It is best to stay away from these places and you know exactly whom they are. Other trashy foods might include soda. Sodas have something like thirty-nine grams of sugar that you do not need in your diet.

obesity in america

The absolute best way to fight obesity

is a combination of both the above while also taking care of your own foods during the day. It can be difficult especially for those with busy schedules but if you are determined then you can make it work out and fight obesity. Obesity is something that is projected to just get much worse as the years go by and it is up to us to stop it.


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