MMA Craziness: Junior Dos Santos Posing Contest, Chris Weidman Street Fights Three…

MMA Craziness: Junior Dos Santos Posing Contest, Chris Weidman Street Fights Three...

How do you not love both these guys??? @junior_cigano @stipemiocicufc ???????????????? #UFC211

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Fabricio Werdum on Luke Rockhold calling him out…

“I think me and Werdum got some old beef from Strikeforce,” he said on UFC Tonight. “He’s a guy I’ve always wanted to fight. I’ve thought it through and I like the style matchup. Given what’s going on in the middleweight division right now, screw that, I’m coming to heavyweight. Let’s do this.”

“I only fight people, I don’t fight chickens,” Werdum told “He’s just promoting himself because he knows nobody is talking about him. I’m one step away from the belt. Why would I fight a chicken?”

Chris Weidman on getting into a bad fight with multiple bad dudes outside a bar, then getting arrested by dirty cops…

“Well, there was this one time where I was outside this bar and I was with another small wrestler, he was like a 125-pound’er – and this was when I was younger. I was like twenty-something, 20, 22 or something, 21. I don’t even know – and as we were leaving the club, my one friend, the small guy I was with who was like a 125-pound wrestler, he was pretty drunk and I noticed he was surrounded by three bigger kids. They were these kids that played basketball around the neighborhood and they were just making fun of him. And I came over and I was like, “ey, what the hell are you guys doing?” and I kind of like started creating some conversation with them and they basically were like, “what the hell do you think you’re gonna do? Blah blah, blah”. We go back and forth, he pushes me. I said, “don’t touch me again,” he pushes me again. I said, “that’s it, don’t do that. That’s your last time pushing me”.

And when he went to go push me again I just dropped him with a punch. And as I did that, one of his boys came behind me and tried to throw me in a rear-naked choke – so he was circling around because they were gonna try and jump me. And when he did that I took his arm and I arm threw him. And when I arm threw him over my back, he tried to keep his head up. And so when he tried to keep his head up, his head literally scraped across the concrete and his face literally like, his skin just fell off his face. And he’s screaming on the floor now. And I let go of him, and that kid I dropped with the first punch was starting to get up so I get on top of him and I’m holding him. And the third kid is getting beat up by my 125-pound wrestler. He got double-legged (laughs) and that kid is beating him up. And so the one kid I dropped, I’m on top of him and just holding him there and he’s out of it so I’m like, alright, let me get off. I get off. There was like a huge crowd because the people who I beat up, people were happy I beat up, I’ll just put it that way.

And as I’m walking away, three cop cars pull around the block because there was a big bar scene – It was like around the colleges so there was a lot of kids and the cops were always around just making sure no one gets in trouble. So the cops come. My one friend starts just sprinting in one direction away. And I’m like, I don’t want to sprint, I don’t want the cops to get out of the car and start chasing me and make it obvious it’s me. I just feel like I defended myself, so I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. So I just start walking towards the cops, and there was a large crowd of people so I just wanted to blend in. But of course, the kid who’s screaming with his face all messed up, he’s screaming, “get the kid in the red shirt,” and the cops grab me, throw me in the car and they’re like, “that kid’s father is a cop”.

Next thing I know, these cops are like making stuff up, they’re like trying to say that I stomped on this kid’s face. And I’m like, “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,” and they were just like trying to call me a liar. I was like, “I didn’t do anything wrong, I just defended myself and they were picking on my friend”. So I got into a little trouble, but nothing too serious. And yeah, that was another instance where that happened.”

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