Bisping Shots Back on Rampage’s ‘Traitor’ Remark; Says He Will Fight Him at ‘Any Weight’

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UFC champ Michael Bisping is firm on saying that he will go against “Rampage” at “any weight”.

Quinton Jackson and Michael Bisping were former teammates. However, these two now have bad blood against each other and may only get some resolution if they fight each other in the octagon. Both fighters used to train in the same team, Wolfslair MMA Academy, but then certain events happened that brought them together at a court case.

Quinton Jackson, a former UFC light-heavyweight champ, decided to join the Wolfslair MMA Academy back in 2008. However, Bisping left the said team three years ago. Since then, things weren’t good between them.

During a recent interview, Jackson threw some shots at Bisping, saying that the Brit is a “traitor” for leaving the team.

“F-ck Michael Bisping. He’s a traitor. I was going through another court case that you guys don’t know about. I was always cool with Bisping, helped him train. I even paid half on some of his training camps, but he wanted me to pay for his sparring partners. He would hurt my sparring partners and all this bullsh-t. I would never care. I was always cool with him. Then he gave a statement against me in the other lawsuit. That’s bullsh-t. How you going to do that to somebody who helped you out?”, Jackson said.

Michael BispingBisping, who is now training outside California, responded to Jackson’s insults via social media. He posted the following on Twitter:

“@weddler1983 he’s so unprofessional he can’t even make 205, let alone a catch weight. I’ll fight him any weight he wants though.”

Bisping last fought inside the octagon in the light-heavyweight division back in 2007 during the UFC 78 event. However, he lost to contender Rashad Evans by split decision. After that, Bisping was able to establish himself as one of the top 10 fighters in the middleweight division.

Jackson, on the other hand, has a current legal battle with Bellator and Viacom. This is why his career in the UFC is quite unstable for now. The 37-year-old claimed, however, that the UFC have backed out from the case, which allowed him to settle his contract problems with the promotion team, Bellator.

He recently admitted his desire to fight at the event Nobuyuki Sakakibara, a former PRIDE boss, would be holding next year during the Japanese New Year.

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