USADA Says ‘Whereabouts’ App for UFC fighters is Working Perfectly

USADA, or the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, reveals that their website is working well and is able to get in touch with UFC fighters. However, fighters is saying this isn’t the case.

Annie Skinner, the USADA Senior Communications Manager, stated during a recent interview in MMAjunkie that the website is indeed functioning well.

“The website is fully functioning, athletes are successfully filing their whereabouts, and the website does work internationally,” she said.

However, two top UFC fighters aired some concerns about USADA’s whereabouts forms that they needed to fill out as a required by the promotion’s new drug-testing program. This program is said to be managed by the third-party testing company.

Tim Kennedy, one of UFC’s middleweight fighters, admitted that when he went to Berlin, he tried using USADA’s website but he couldn’t make it work.

macdonald“USADA has reached out to both of these fighters whose tweets you sent me to see what assistance they may need,” Skinner said.

Kennedy, who has a record of 18-5 MMA and 3-1 UFC, admitted that he received an email from USADA last Wednesday morning. He wasn’t able to read it yet though.

Rory MacDonald, who is the other UFC fighter who complained about the website, aired some concerns about the functionality of the website. However, MMAjunkie wasn’t able to get in touch with him about the issue yet.

To facilitate out-of-competition drug testing, USADA has required all fighters to inform the agency about their whereabouts at all times. This requirement has been implemented since July. If the fighter fails to properly inform USADA or was able to provide inaccurate details three times, this may result to suspension of the fighter.

UFC fighters need to complete the forms every three months. However, a lot of fighters are having a hard time complying to this requirement.

“(USADA) doesnt pick up my calls and the website to fill out my whereabouts is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever done…,” MacDonald posted via Twitter.

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