Romero Burns Bisping With Fire, Then Smokes His Ashes

Oh… Oh this is just too good…

Yoel Romero recently suffered a tough loss in his fight with Robert Whittaker for the interim UFC Middleweight Championship… Both fighters fought long and hard for the title, but in the end Robert ‘The Reaper’ Whittaker came out on top.

Yoel Romero doesn’t seem to be down for the count for even a moment though, or more accurately, he’s smoking ‘The Count…’ Michael Bisping (also known as ‘The Count’) and Yoel Romero have definitely had a lot of back and forth over the period of time that they’ve both in present at the top of the 185lb division and Yoel certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down those antics, seeing as he posted a new video on his Instagram page, in the video he holds up a nice picture of Michael Bisping, after a fight, holding up his country’s (England’s) flag. Romero then proceeds to light it on fire, let it burn for short period of time and then light his cigar on the flames of Bisping’s burning photograph, all the while mutterings little threats and jabs aimed towards Bisping.

Yoel Romero Burns Michael Bisping With Fire, Then Smokes His AshesYoel Romero Burns Michael Bisping With Fire, Then Smokes His Ashes

After the Whittaker fight, I hope Yoel Romero gets a shot at Bisping, because I really, really want to see this fight, especially after that show of entertainment from the ‘Soldier Of God’ himself.

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