Alistair Overeem Blasts Mark Hunt For Drug Accusations

Alistair Overeem Blasts Mark Hunt For Drug Accusations

Mark Hunt has been on quite the rampage recently when it comes to performance-enhancing-drugs in the UFC… His latest target being Alistair Overeem, a fighter whom had beaten Hunt on two occasions, one while in the UFC and one while outside of the organization, one while ate light heavyweight and one at heavyweight. Both times, he said, he was not at his best…

Mark Hunt’s reason for outrage this time seems to be about the fact that Alistair had gotten food poisoning right before the fight, which then lead to him getting an IV so that he could participate in the bout.

The “IV Rule” made what he did, less than favorable and technically illegal though, yet “The Reem” was still allowed to fight.

“Mark is also one of those veteran fighters and I respect him a lot. But, in the end he is just a talker,” said Alistair during a recent interview on The MMA Hour. “I fought him twice, I beat him as a light heavyweight, I broke his arm and I knocked him out as a heavyweight. Both fights I wasn’t fit, as a light heavyweight, I was 106 kilos fighting him who was 145 kilos, that is 235 and he was 280 pounds. I broke his arm on five days notice. I got the call on a Monday and Wednesday I was on a plane and Saturday we fought.”

The fight he’s talking about here is his first encounter with Mark Hunt, an entertaining bout that occurred within the DREAM fighting organization, an organization that is no longer present, the fight happened in the year 2008.

“Now, I had a good camp but I had food poisoning the day before and I knocked him out. I don’t know what he wants from me. I think I have shown to the world that I am the better fighter and all the other stuff, words don’t hurt. He just talks becasue he has no evidence to back it up. I thought of him a little bit higher previously and I am a fan of his fight style, still am. But, mental wise, I think he is a little bit out there,” added Alistair.

Overeem even had a few words to say about his upcoming fight with former heavyweight champ, Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum.

“I expect a Werdum that’s going to be very ready wherever the fight may be. I do believe that once Werdum starts to get hit hard, he will revert to his roots, his origins in the jiu-jitsu game. I’m not expecting anything, but ready for everything,” he concluded.

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