Womens Only Bootcamp | Overall Benefits

Womens Only Bootcamp classes offer many benefits over regular daily gyms.

Womens Only Bootcamp classes are usually offered at gyms that also offer other programs like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you are out there looking for an alternative way to workout than going to gyms like LA Fitness or 24 hour, then you have found the right program. It is very commonplace to find Womens Only Bootcamp Classes offered at these kinds of gyms and also MMA type gyms. The reason for this is because of the great fitness instruction that comes with martial arts gyms. More often than not, martial arts gyms also offer kids classes. Having kids classes means parents have to come to the gym to drop them off. In order to help parents, specifically mothers, have a smoother schedule the Womens Only Bootcamp is brought in as a program. This is exactly what we were thinking at our gym and wanted to provide a great way for mothers to get in shape and not neglect their health.

Womens Only Bootcamp

Read on to see what you can gain from taking Womens Only Bootcamp classes!

1. On Schedule with your children! 

If you haven’t been able to think about placing your child in a martial arts program because your schedules have been too mixed up, now is the time! Many Martial arts gyms offer Womens only bootcamp classes alongside their children classes so that it is more convenient for the moms. Like I mentioned above, this is the exact reason we do this and also because we actually have the huge amount of space necessary to do it. Due to the limitations some gyms have regarding space, you might not find it right away. Look for gyms that offer these classes with the kids classes!

2. Judgement Free Environment

You will be encouraged to improve your lifestyle as time goes on during class. Nothing is ever required of you or at least shouldn’t be. Everything that you do should be by your own will and if you want it you will do it. During class it will only be you and other females who also have goals of their own and everyone is there to support each other. There won’t be any other gym goers that are the problematic starers. People who stare have always been a problem for women in a regular gym. It isn’t just with women either and it can be uncomfortable depending on the person. As a side note, don’t confuse our Judgement Free with Planet Fitness’s Judgement Free environment!

3. Dieting Assistance

Our gym offers help with proper dieting and nutrition but it is not required. Usually what happens is when someone signs up for our program and don’t want the diet help, they end up asking for it later on down the road. This is because as they see results they will eventually reach a point that they need dieting. This is a service that is given whenever it is needed and they just need to ask.

4. Motivation 

Motivation comes and goes in certain forms and in our Womens only Bootcamp we know how to dish it out. Summer coming up? No problem, ladies need to get in shape for that beach body! Fall is around the corner? No problem, ladies need to get ready for the holiday dinners! Maintaining is a key part of getting in shape and this is made clear from the beginning. Whatever a womens reason for being in the program is huge motivation too. We have seen ladies come in needing to get in shape to fit their wedding dress. Whatever the reason, it is motivation and we will remind everyone why they are there. The instructor in charge of the classes is always on top of the workouts. There will be no waste of time during the class time!

5. Results Tracking

Remember only being able to do 1 pull up or 10 push ups? As time goes on in the class you will notice you are able to do much more than before. We are tracking this progress so you can see exactly what you need to work on and what you’ve become stronger with. This will also serve as motivation to help you get to the next level over and over again.

As you can see, Womens Only Bootcamp classes can offer a safe environment to help you get into shape.

Womens Only Bootcamp

If you consider the intensity of these classes and that an instructor is running the show, there is no comparison to a regular gym. A regular day gym is great if you know exactly what you need to do. The risks of that gym membership is that you may not feel like going someday or you don’t know how to plan out your workouts. Womens only bootcamp classes follow a workout routine provided by an instructor for maximum results. These classes can help prepare you to take your own workouts to another level!



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