UFC Releases a List of Areas To Avoid in Rio De Janeiro

It is definitely not easy to organize a huge, important show in a foreign place like Rio de Janeiro. Many problems can be encountered, not only in the logistics department, but also with the fighters as well. The organization needs to make sure that the fighters will be in good shape and will not need to worry about their safety so they can put up a good fight during the event itself.

As a precautionary measure, the UFC sent a document to everyone that will participate in the event stating the do’s and don’ts while staying in Rio de Janeiro.

rioIn the document, it says that the participants and crew is advised to avoid areas or near a favela. There is a highly publicized place in Rio de Janeiro called Santa Teresa where fighters and the crew are advised to avoid as well. Although this place is being featured in travel publications, statistics say that this place has a higher crime rate compared to the other neighborhoods. Another place called Lapa is known for its amazing nightlife. This place might be tempting to visit but like Santa Teresa, this place has a higher incidence of crime so the participants are advised to avoid it as well.

Rio de Janeiro has a high incidence of AIDS with prostitutes and most of these prostitutes are underage girls. This can also be a set up for a possible robbery as well. Because of this, the MMA fighters are advised to avoid “picking up dates” in any clubs, hotels, or anywhere else in the foreign city. Another reminder that the UFC included in their memo is to be vigilant when it comes to going to clubs and other tourist spots. There can be “spotters” in the area watching their every move, money spent, or even their state of impairment. The participants are advised to watch over their own drinks as well.

Some of these tips are actually helpful, especially those warning the mixed martial arts athletes to avoid the places with high incidence of crime rate. However, some of the tips are quite over the top, like those tips where there can be “spotters” etc.

In the end, being extra careful is always the best way to go. Keeping these tips in mind would be beneficial to the promotion company, as well as the participants itself.

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