Koscheck: UFC Is Losing Fans Because of Dana White

Josh Koscheck, a veteran UFC fighter, has recently fought against Erick Silva. What was surprising was the fight took place right after he lost to Jake Ellenberger. Koscheck claimed there was a reason why this was scheduled this way. He said that the quick turnaround was designed to be like that so that he can be released from his UFC contract in the shortest way possible.

Koscheck told Bleacher Report, “That was my plan for quite some time: to get rid of my UFC contract. Even if I never fought again, I wanted out of my UFC contract.”.

He joined Bellator after he completed his contract with the UFC, which was a complete opposite of what Dana White had wanted. White had implied that he wanted MMA Koscheck to finally retire after his contract with the UFC, but that did not happen. Koscheck was clearly not happy with what’s happening in the UFC, and Dana White’s recent attitude on Twitter.

koscheckKoscheck says, “How can you respect a guy that runs a company and goes on Twitter rants, who calls people all the names that he calls people? I think it’s childish. He’s supposed to be the president of a major company, a billion dollar company, and that’s how he acts? You don’t see Roger Goodell doing things like that.”.

The mixed martials arts athlete further admitted that he doesn’t like to work for someone who calls people names or something like, ‘we got that many years out of you, thanks for your money.’. He felt embarrassed to be associated with someone who acts like this.

“”This is just my opinion, but I think Dana is just the front boy for the Fertittas. He’s their little errand b—h. They’re losing fans every day because of the things he does,” he added.

Koscheck went on saying that he believes that the other fighters should follow what he did and get out there to see if there’s a better deal for them, may it be in the UFC or somewhere else.

He said, “At some points, hopefully they all become free agents and they negotiate with Bellator. In my opinion, I think every fighter needs to step up, fight their fights out and negotiate. Because they’re never going to know their market value until they put themselves on the market.”.

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